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Sirius Sagan
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orion Solidarity

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and this post is about a mental solidarity between a sexy Star Wars eel known as a Colo Claw Fish and my interstellar brainchild dubbed "Project Orion II".  The Colo Claw Eel and the Orion II Starship in the image below are clearly not to scale since the Colo Claw is way too large to be to scale with that Orion II.  An Orion II Starship would be 209 meters long and 62 meters wide whilst the Colo Claw Fish would be only 40 meters long.  I call this pairing up of the Colo Claw Fish and Project Orion II the Orion Solidarity and it is the solution to my long aversion towards Star Wars right at the real nitty gritty source.
Orion Solidarity: Colo Claw Fish (below) and Project Orion II (above)
The root of ALL of my aversion towards Star Wars is my deep-seated foreboding that my favorite things will be left out or excluded by Star Wars.  This foreboding originated from when I first rode Star Tours at Disneyland in very late October 1990 shortly after my 7th birthday which features a spaceship very different form the flying vehicles that I was comfortable with.  This fear of mine that I just revealed on Sunday, September 30, 2012 is of something that turns out to be nebulous.  This is proven by a pattern including the taking away my Star trek stuff in early 1997 as punishment for my hating Star Wars, taking away Orion II in 1999 in an effort to get me to like Star Wars, and bad apple Starwoids running down Star Trek heroes etc.
The solution to this problem once I have it all figured out is to pair up one of my favorite things with something from Star Wars, I once secretly tried this with the original Project Orion and X-Wings for 130 days from August 17 until Christmas Day 1998 before it went sour and I am now openly doing this with Project Orion II and Colo Claw Fish and this time it is a success.  So my game plan is to reverse the total of 86 days between Christmas 1998 and March 21, 1999 starting the day I do this post to rewind this Orion mess and solve it on the 14-year anniversary of its beginning.  Below is one of the sounds of Carl Sagan's Cosmos and one of those sounds of Cosmos done by Vangelis called Alpha.  I first heard Alpha when I first watched Episode II: One Voice In The Cosmic Fugue about Jupiter Floaters and Hunters not knowing what it was yet.  Alpha is about time and space and therefore is mood music for the Orion Solidarity between Colo Claw Fish and Project Orion II, enjoy!