Sirius Sagan

Sirius Sagan
A shirtless male character of mine who has big breasts.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Plan

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I realize that as long as I try to enjoy Star Wars I feel divided inside and have tapes in my head or even urges to turn away from or against what I hold dear such as my academic life and things to do with science.  So to remedy this problem, I must dump Star Wars from my life, this is no body's fault that this is the case, it just happens to be.  I did not have these tapes and urges of hating or turning away from and against things of my own ilk such as science before I had my Orion II taken away and Star Wars foisted onto me in 1999.  What should have happened the was not taking away Orion II and letting me avoid Star Wars.  The taking away of my Orion II stuff only prolonged the problem and with the help of taking away some of my other stuff for the same reason, I had a long-lasting aftermath that took me many years to undo.

So please do not tell me offensive remarks such as "go see a doctor" or "you need some help" or anything with the intent of foisting Star Wars onto me because that only causes me problems.  I will enjoy Star Trek and Avatar for example.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hello, this is Project Orion II's chief designer and I was attacked by Jordan Zinser for saying that Avatar is better than Titan AE and I blocked him for his childish revenge comment of hating me for liking Avatar instead of Titan AE.  I removed his comment.  Jordan Zinser, you hate Avatar because you accuse James Cameron of being a hack, so who is missing the point now.  That's right Jordan Zinser, you are missing the point of Avatar because you are ignorant of its good environmental and anti-imperialistic messages.  The "cartoon card" is worthless and is no excuse for Titan AE's handwavium central story.  I already get the points of Titan AE such as hope and second chances, and that is one reason I am offended when you tell me that I am missing the point.  Another reasons is that it has a spaceship destroy Earth for stupid reasons and don't you DARE tell me that I am missing the point when I oppose that totally pointless premise or I will block you and remove your comment like I did Jordan Zinser.  I am a very protective person.  I will not block or remove constructive criticism, but that was not the case with Jordan Zinser since he was being childish and insulting me and his comment was very immature.

The Imperiator insulted me on my I HATE Sando Aqua Monster Blog and I tried to block him but there was no block thing, why, I want his BLOCKED, so I removed his comment anyway.  The Imperiator, don't comment on any of my blogs because if I can find a means of blocking you like the one I found to block Jordan Zinser, I will block you and I hope I can block you.

There is one more that I have to discuss and from the I HATE Sando Aqua Monsters Club blog.  This guy is a Star Wars wanker is known as Kerrus who thinks that just because the Sando Aqua Monster is a Jedi master that it means that he will defect the Cloverfield monster which is all a LIE!  I did not block him yet, but if he keeps insisting that the Sando wins against Cloverfield, I will keep removing his comments.  But the problem is that I get redirected to some AOL group instead of his blogger profile so I cannot block him, but I can remove his comments.

So here is a warning that I will block people and remove comments that insult me or insult anything that I care about.  If you insult Project Orion II or try to foist Star Wars onto me in any way, shape, or form, I will instantly block you and remove your comment.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I fear Star Wars

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and in this post I will give an updated view on why I am fearful around Star Wars.  It is quite strange since I am not fearful of Lucasfilm even though I am uncomfortable with some of the Star Wars protagonists.  I am so fearful that Star Wars will at best make me feel excluded and at worst treat me as a bad guy via its most loyal fans.  There is sadly some truth to it since there is this infamous website known as StarDestroyer.Net that I have discussed in previous posts and a Star Wars Super Pac on Twitter that I have also discussed which both seek to vilify Star Trek and its fans.  I am a very inclusive person and I tried to be inclusive about Star Wars such as an attempt that I made in latter 1998, but people like Michael Wong are not letting me by their attacking what I happen to like in the name of Star Wars.  Furthermore, there are people like a Radith87 on YouTube who want to punish my favorite movie Avatar for overtaking Star Wars who believe that Avatar must die just so Star Wars can be no. 1.  Due to anti-Star Trek smear campaigns such as and a Star Wars fanboy-driven war on Avatar, I hate Star Wars at least TWICE as much as I did in the late 1990s.  I feel very insecure when it comes to Star Wars, but I try not to be biased against it.  Super Godzilla 12 and Confused Matthew are extremely insecure about The Lion King and that is a proven FACT and they are very closed-minded against that film because of it.  You don't need censorship to be ultra insecure or closed-minded since SG12 tries to be for Freedom of Speech unlike Michael Wong who instantly bans defenders of Star Trek from his website.  And StarDestroyer.Net's acts of Star Wars uber alles censorship makes me loathe Star Wars more than ever before.

ATTENTION ALL BAD APPLE STAR WARS FANS, BY DOING SMEAR ATTACKS AGAINST STAR TREK, AVATAR, AND EVEN PROJECT ORION II, YOU ARE ONLY HURTING YOUR OWN CAUSE!  Such behavior will do these rotten Star Wars fanboys much more harm than good.  Wong, your ilk has probably pushed me passed the tipping point of no return to handling Star Wars!
Star Wars Saturation
This is my salute to Star Wars fanboys who want to foist Star Wars onto people like me and treat my space heroes as villains in any way, shape, or form!  I will never convert to Star Wars no matter what happens!  The 1998 song release Believe by Cher sums up the mood of my breakup with Star Wars beautifully since I must also believe in myself.  Believe me, I tried to enjoy and/or be inclusive about Star Wars many times in my life and it only ended in disaster sooner or later each time.
Although I am getting Star Wars out of my life, I am still taking Colo Claw Fish under my wing as I have promised.  Thanks the the discovery of Alpha Centauri Bb, I hope that there are Earthlike planets in the Habitable Zone around either Alpha Centauri A and/or B more than I ever did before.  I hoped that there are Earthlike planets at Alpha Centauri before this recent discovery and hope that there are real Colo Claw Fish living in that nearby star system only 4.37 light-years away.
Alpha Centauri Bb
This is my game plan with regards to Star Wars since I have had it and have totally given up on that space epic.  It is most likely that sooner or later Star Wars will back stab me for my protectiveness towards Colo Claw Fish if I try to be inclusive about it again from what I observed with regards to how Star Wars depicts those eels.  That is all the more reason and a Lucasfilm-related reason for me to avoid Star Wars.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Orion II's Cheif Designer's 29th Birthday: A Surprising Astronomical Birthday Present

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and today is my twenty-ninth birthday.  I was born on Tueasday, October 25, 1983 to a Cindy and Don McHugh who later divorced.  I moved in with Juleene and Bob Hebbler six years and seven months after I was born and lived with them for over two decades except that Juleene died in the hospital in the end of April 2009.

I conceived the Project Orion II concept one decade, five years, three months, three weeks, and three days after I was born in the morning of Thursday, February 18, 1999.  I was fifteen years old at the time that I first came up with Project Orion II, today I turn 29.

And nine days ago on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, the discovery of an Earth-sized planet around Alpha Centauri B has been confirmed, but that planet is so close to its star and too hot for life as we know it.  However, Alpha Centauri Bb increases the likelyhood of other planets in the Alpha Centauri Star System.  I found out about this today for my birthday, and this discovery is one of the best birthday presents that I could get.  That is because it makes the nearest star system to us an even more likle candidate for being Project Orion II's interstellar destination.  But I must wait for further date and hope that an Earth-like planet is found orbiting in the habitable zone (a.k.a. Goldiloks Zone) around at least one of those Alpha Centauri suns.  If such a habitable planet is found in that star system, that will confirm 100% that Alpha Centauri is Project Orion II's interstellar destination.  But until then, it is uncertain but stronger than before.

One of my BEST Birthday Gifts: The Discovery of Alpha Centauir Bb
I fully support ongoing searches for any additional planets around either Alpha Centauri A or B, espeically for habitable planets aroudn either of those two stars.  Here is a Link with more information while the search for other planets in Alpha Centauri continues.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sirius vs Luke Skywalker

This post is totally in response to this new Bad Apple Star Wars Fan (BASWF) movement on Twitter that I mentioned in the previous post.  Sirius Orion Sagan who is the shirtless dog man with big breasts is my avatar while Luke Skywalker is the avatar of the anonymous leader of Team Star Wars and a so-called "Americans for Truth About Star Trek" pseudo-educational smear campaign.  Sirius is voiced and played by me even though he is about ten centimeters taller than me and his birthday is eight weeks after mine.  Sirius; like me, defends Star Trek against BASWFs and also like me, he loves James Cameron's Avatar and dislikes Star Wars.
Sirius Orion Sagan
Luke Skywlaker
DISCLAIMER: I am not angry at the Luke Skywalker character since it is not that fictional character's fault that a BASWF who uses him as their avatar is trying to stamp out Star Trek.  Due to the avatar issue, Sirius represents me while Skywalker represents the anonymous BASWF in charge of Team Star Wars.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Star Wars Threat

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I have to alert you to a new pro-Star Wars threat.  Like StarDestroyer.Net, this is a serious problem caused by Bad Apple Star Wars Fans (BASWFs) and it is even worse, so let me explain.  No, I am not talking about StarDestroyer.Net, I am talking about a separate anti-Star Trek online smear campaign set up by a different BASWF who's name is NOT Michael Wong.  This anonymous BASWF is totally devoid of any contact with reality and he is on Twitter calling himself "Luke Skywalker" after the major Star Wars protagonist and has a picture of the character as his avatar.  I too have a Twitter account and I have the Colo Claw Fish (a Star Wars fish)as my avatar, but this does not preclude me from going off on that BASWF on Twitter.  I very recently learned about this guy on a Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars page on Facebook plus I am also on Facebook.  This nincompoop set up this anti-Star Trek smear campaign on Twitter on Thursday, February 2, 2012 that he calls "Americans for Truth About Star Trek". I made a series of tweets to the guy before blocking him to show him how I feel about his cause.  This guy even has a website that I cannot go to on my computer and says that Internet Explorer cannot display that page for some reason which is called and if you can get to it on your computer than tell me about it.  This rogue Luke Skywalker must be stopped.  Project Orion II and Star Trek both share the same ideals.  I fear that this Luke Skywalker at best will open the door to other BASWFs attacking certain non-Star Trek space stuff such as James Cameron's Avatar and Project Orion II and at worst he too may launch smear campaigns against and bad mouth Avatar and Orion II in the name of Star Wars.  He is the head of a group of BASWFs that is unaffiliated with StarDestroyer.Net called "Team Star Wars".  This BASWF; like Michael Wong, wants to shove Star Wars down other people's throats by running down Star Trek heroes and smear campaigning against Star Trek.  You rogue Luke Skywalker, I will not tolerate having Star Wars foisted onto me since it cause me severe psychological devastation, and in one case lasting for many years.  I do not know this rogue Luke Skywalker's real name but I do know that it is definitely NOT Luke Skywalker since that was the real name of a fictional character.

It is a very scary and real big possibility that BASWFs will run down Avatar heroes and smear campaign against Avatar since unlike Star Trek, Avatar overtook Star Wars in the box office and as a result Star Wars is no longer #1 in the space genre.  Like the Soviets had their space firsts, Star Wars did have its time of being #1 in the space genre and such people should learn to be grateful for that.  In fact, some BASWFs are attacking Avatar to punish the movie for dethroning Star Wars as the #1 space epic.  If you are on Twitter, tell this guy that you support Star Trek and that he is a nincompoop.

The So-Called
"Americans for Truth About Star Trek"
Team Star Wars
Are Both
This is my reaction to the nincompoop and his Team Star Wars.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Project Orion II UPDATE M 10/22/2012

Ever since the morning of Thursday, February 18, 1999 when I first conceived my main interstellar brainchild, I have nurtured it and have changed the design and even proposed size many times.  This post has the most current design.  I envision Project Orion II launching on a voyage to a nearby star system before the end of the 21st Century.

Orion II Specs:

Length: 209 meters
Width: 62 meters
Speed: 10-20% the speed of light
Primary Propulsion: Deuterium and Helium-3 fusion pulse propulsion
Secondary Propulsion: Undecided, possibilities include magsial and lightsail
Propellant Mass: 6600 tonnes?
Dry mass: 1400 tonnes?
Departure mass: 8000 tonnes?
Payload Mass: 200 tonnes?
Symbol: Dodecahedron
Destination: Undecided; candidates include Alpha Centauri (4.37ly), Epsilon Eridani (10.5ly), and Tau Ceti (11.9ly)

Project Orion II Inspirational Quote:

"Then through the vast and gloomy dark,
There moves what seems a fiery spark,
A lonely spark with silvery rays,
Piercing the coal-black night" - Edward Lear

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cranky Crabby & Kyle Colo

Cranky Crabby
Cranky Crabby is a particularly traumatized crustacean who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and views his OCD as the "best security blanket ever".  That's right, Cranky Crabby loves his OCD and does not want to get any treatment for it or to be told to give it up.  That is because he nearly lost his life to a seafood chef and the seafood lover in you on a seafood restaurant on a fishing pier at the beach.  He barely escaped and wants to make sure that he never ends up in that situation ever again and wants to avoid even having to think about his ordeal.  Cranky's best friend is a very troubled Sando Aqua Monster named Sabirius ChaKhan whom he obsessively cleans as a ritual for his "security blanket".  He threatens a flashy fun-loving Colo Claw Fish named Kyle Colo to justify having OCD.

Cranky Crabby Profile:
Motivation: Avoidance
Birthday: October 24
Favorite Song: Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet
Personality: obsessive-compulsive, fearful, controlling, fallacious, grumpy, paranoid
Likes: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Dislikes: flashy behavior
Allies: Sabirius ChaKhan
Enemies: Kyle Colo, Sirius Sando Slayers, seafood chefs, the seafood lover in you
Kyle Colo
Kyle Colo is an easygoing Colo Claw Fish and a resident of the Ionian Colo Claw Fish Vault Complex.  He is very flashy and that is why he is the target of Cranky's outrage and Sando threats.  He is protected by the head of security at the vaults who is a Sirius Sando Slayer named Orion McSagan.
Kyle Colo Personality:
Goals: Bringing peace
Birthday: August 15
Favorite Song: Hey Ya - Outkast
Personality: flashy, fun-loving, peaceful, relaxed, easygoing
Likes: peace, flashy behavior, fun, sleeping,
Dislikes: war, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
Allies: Sirius Sando Slayers, Cloverfield, Sim Colo Claw
Enemies: Sabirius ChaKhan, Cranky Crabby

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orion McSagan

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and this post is on a heroic character who is a Sirius Sando Slayer named Orion McSagan who has problems with Mr. FTL.  Orion works as a Colo Protection Guard and the boss at the Ionian Colo Claw Fish Housing Vault Complex which is a complex of bridge and pier like concrete and steel structures that extend from the beach to blocks facing the open ocean.  The large automated hatches face the open ocean as to allow the Colo Claw Fish living there to be in the wild when they leave home.  Those Colo Tenants do return to their vaults after they feed or do other things in the open.  When each vault is vacant, the hatch remains open until its occupant returns inside.  If the Colo Claw Occupant wants out, the hatch will open unless there is danger outside and has a red and green light indicator to let the Colo Claw know whether or nit it is safe to go outside.  Green means its safe and the hatch opens and red means there's danger and the hatch remains shut until the danger passes and the Colo Claw Eels understand this plus it is a simple visual cue.  There are repellent fields made of of lots and lots of lime juices and the hatches send out electroshock to any Sando Aqua Monsters who try to pry them open.  He is the only Sirius Sando Slayer at that vault complex who has three dark blue belt stars on his light blue pants, which is only supposed to be worn by the head of the vaults.  Orion; like his comrades, has bonds with all of the Colo Claw Residents at the complex.  But there are two Colo Claw Fish in particular whom Orion is fond of, Kyle Colo and Sim Colo Claw.

Orion McSagan Profile:

Occupation: Colo Claw Fish Protector

Birthday: December 20

Height: 190 centimeters

Weight: 90 kilograms

Skin Color: Beige

Personality: bold, dashing, daring, strict, exhibitionist, rational, intelligent

Likes: Project Orion II, hard science fiction, astronomy, physics, female breasts, reason,

Dislikes: Sando Aqua Monsters, FTL-clad science fiction, crackpots, handwavium, Godzilla, logical fallacies,

Allies: Kyle Colo, Sim Colo Claw, Altair Eagle Man, Cloverfield, Project Orion II

Enemies: Mr. FTL, Sabirius ChaKhan, Samantha Sando, Cranky Crabby

Sirius Sando Slayer Orion McSagan

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fredirck Galactico Impcus is Mr. FTL

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and this post is about a crackpot whom I have written.  His real name is Fredrick Galactico Impcus and he often refers to himself as "Faster-Than-Light-Freddie" since he adamantly insists on the idea of faster than light travel.  Those who accept Albert Einstein's Special Relativity refer to the brat as "Mr. FTL" in an uncomplimentary fashion.  He hates Einstein can calls Albert a "theoretical despot" just for showing that FTL is impossible.  he then goes on to call everyone who knows that travelling faster than light is impossible "Einsteiniacs" and has a conspiracy theory about a made up "Speed Of Light Empire" which he claims "rules physics and astronomy with iron fists".  Mr. FTL's elders are aggressively lenient on him, meaning that they will defend his belief in FTL and instantly blow up at anyone who dares to teach their boy the anti-FTL equations.  His mom Betty Impcus threatens to kick Relativity supporters with her pointy shoes if they tell her son that it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light.  Mr. FTL's best friend is a very troubled borderline personality Sando Aqua Monster named Sabirius ChaKhan who just very lenient on FTL boy because he feels sorry for him from day one.  The Impcus family runs a blatantly pro-FTL film company called "Echolance Entertainment" which they founded for their boy.  Mr. FTL is the arched enemy of a Sirius Sando Slayer named Orion McSagan who is very vehement about handwavium wishful thinking including the belief in FTL.  There is also one Colo Claw Fish in particular named Sim Colo Claw who literally vomits every time he watches an Echolance Entertainment film and demands that Mr. FTL should learn to understand the equations that show that the speed of light is a cosmic speed limit.  Mr. FTL's best friend on land is a stealth in space wishful thinker named Sean Gorse.

Mr. FTL Profile:

Goal: Getting all space enthusiasts to accept that FTL is possible and toppling Relativity via smear campaigning.

Birthday: February 16

Height: 170 centimeters

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Weight: 60 kilograms

Personality: narcissistic, foolish, arrogant, closed-minded, controlling, selfish, pompous, ignorant, delusional, deceitful,

Likes: Faster Than Light Drive, FTL-clad science fiction, leniency, unreality

Dislikes: Special Relativity, Lorentz Transformations, hard science fiction

Allies: Sean Gorse, Betty Impcus, Jack Impcus, Sabirius ChaKhan, other amateur Relativity disprovers

Enemies: Orion McSagan, Sim Colo Claw, anybody who fully accepts Relativity

Echolance Entertainment Movie List:
* = starring Mr. FTL

FTL Revolution*
Theoretical Tyranny: No FTL Allowed*
Star Stealth Coup D'Etat
Thermodynamic Martinets: No Stealth Allowed In Space

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sirius Sando Slayers: 161st Anniversary of MOBY DICK

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and this post will be on the shirtless dog men with big female breasts known as Sirius Sando Slayers.  As you might have guessed, they actually slay Sando Aqua Monsters and are very good at it.  They use lots of lime to repel Sando Aqua Monsters in order to protect Colo Claw Fish and only slay Sando Aqua Monsters when they go after Colo Claw Fish and as a last resort if all else fails.  I loathe sando Aqua Monsters and the image below shows you why.

Why the Sando Aqua Monster is my whale.
As you can see, the sadistic Sando Aqua Monster tortured and slaughtered the poor Colo Claw Fish.  That is a comic format of an actual scene in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (TPM) which is my only nitpick in the film, especially since it portrayed the cruelty towards Colo Claw Fish in a positive light as saving the two Jedi and Jar Jar in the Bongo.  I still recognise Quin-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar as good protagonist despite being saved by the Sando's criminal behavior in that one brief scene since it says nothing about those characters as a whole.  I solely vent my anger on the sando Aqua Monster herself.  And there are some Moby Dick parallels brewing here because the sando by maiming the Colo Claw Fish has become my WHALE and has turned me into a CAPTAIN AHAB!  And speaking of Moby Dick, it is the 161st Anniversary of the publication of Moby Dick by Hermon Melville.
Sirius Sando Slayers guard man-made Colo Claw Fish housing vaults and are on constant readiness for any marauding Sando Aqua Monsters who come to the vaults.  They have repellent fields with lots of lime since lime is usually an effective Sando Aqua Monster repellent.  Plus the hatches only closed when Colo Claw Fish are inside and open if he Colo Claw Fish wants out and if the coast if clear.  There are indicators to let the Colo Claw Fish know whether or not it is safe to go outside their vaults in the form of red and green lights.  Green means it is safe and the hatch opens as the Colo Claw Fish approaches to go outside and will remain shut and have a red light on if any Sando Aqua Monsters are near.  The vault hatches are automated to let any Colo Claw Fish inside go out unless there is danger nearby and remain open as long as they are vacant.  Plus there is electroshock devices to electrocute any Sando Aqua Monsters who try to pry the hatches off when they are closed.  But if all else fails due to a determined Sando Aqua Monster who may have someone counting on them, the Sirius Sando Slayers spring into action and throw their grenade harpoons at the intruder and slay it.  The grenade in each harpoon is powerful enough to kill even the strongest or largest bull Sando Aqua Monsters.  Sirius Sando Slayers will promptly arrest anyone who issues out the threat of the Sando to any of the Colo Claw Residents of the vaults such as Fredrick Galactico Impcus (a.k.a. Mr. FTL or Faster-Than-Light-Freddie).  Mr. FTL threatened to have his Sando Aqua Monster fiend named Samantha Sando turn an educational Colo Claw Fish named Syle Colo into milk because Syle Colo gave Mr. FTL's pseudo-documentary called Theoretical Tyranny: No FTL Allowed a scathing review and tried to teach the equations that show that FTL is impossible.  A Sirius Sando Slayer killed Samantha Sando before she was able to pry the hatch open or snare up Syle Colo; therefore, saved Syle Colo's life.  For this, Mr. FTL was arrested by that same Sirius Sando Slayer and thrown in the time-out trashcan.

My line as inspired by a passage in Moby Dick:
"I'll chase the Sando Aqua Monster round Otoh Gunga, and round the abyss, and round the Aquarian Maelstrom, and round the planet core before I give her up!" 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Orion II Versus World Devastator

The World Devastators appear in the first Star Wars Dark Empire graphic novel and in the last mission of a Star Wars video game called Rogue Squadron.  They are much more lethal, powerful, and unstoppable than the Drej Mothership.  Project Orion II foils the Drej plot to destroy Earth in a counter story to Titan AE by launching an antimatter bomb and planting it in the heart of the Alahenena before detonating it.  The Drej Plant Buster was only visible though the telescopes.  Don't you DARE tell me that Project Orion II cannot stop the Drej from destroying Planet Earth because I have ZERO TOLERANCE for such offensive remarks.

Now onto the topic of this post, a hypothetical encounter between Project Orion II and World Devastators.  Unlike the Drej Ship, the World Devastators attack and ravage planets in the atmospheres of their target planets.  Plus the World Devastators have shields, a master control system, and more formidable defenses that the Drej Hive Ship would ever had.  The reason for this post is because of my not speaking up in January 1999 when I saw images of World Devastators as they appeared in Rogue Squadron in a video game magazine after I got that game that I did not want form Christmas on Christmas 1998.  I am doing this to make the right decision to solve this turmoil that started 53 days before the 164-month Orion Crisis started.  An Orion II Starship is 209 meters long and 62 meters wide while the World Devastators are massive despite varying in size from the Inquisitor-4 which is 1700 meters long and 900 meters high to the great command Devastator Silencer-7 which is 3200 meters long and 1500 meters tall.  These Devastators are meaner and more formidable than the much larger 7620 meter Drej Ship which is a piece of cake to take out using an armed Orion II with antimatter weapons.  The Devastators on the other hand are a chilling challenge to take down using Orion II Spacecraft.

This will help me make a decision on where to go when I exit this Rogue Squadron-related turmoil on my upcoming birthday.

After deliberation on how if I try to enjoy Star Wars, I would have a life with parallels to Moby Dick in which I am a Captain Ahab and the Sando Aqua Monster is my whale.  In another words, I will have to avoid Star Wars for the rest of my life and walk away from that franchise if the Sando Aqua Monster's behavior with Colo Claw Fish bothers em to the hilt, especially since it was portrayed in a positive light.  And I most certainly did not have any Star Wars Fish in mind at the time this all started for obvious reasons including the time it happened, but I must now update to have such fish in mind so I can make the best decision for myself to heal.  So I will walk away from the Star Wars franchise due to that change that offends me and just not watch Star Wars for the rest of my life.

Project Orion II
World Devastator

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Orion Crisis is FINALLY Over!

Hello, this is Project Orion II's chief designer bearing some good news.  FINALLY after 164 grueling months, the Orion Crisis of Project Orion II vs the X-Wings is over.  This should have been solved in 1999 and it was not due to the fact that the people around em took away my Orion II until August 8 1999 and also took away my other space things such as Jupiter Floaters from Cosmos, which caused a long-lasting aftermath that took me many years to undo.
I have completed and finalized the bond betwixt Project Orion II and Colo Claw Fish and this means the end of the Orion Crisis.  However, I will use the remaining nine days before my 29th birthday to reflect and uncover what went wrong.  There are two certainties about the 53-day turmoil from Christmas 1998 until Fat Tuesday 1999; the indecision at the time and my not speaking up about my feelings on the World Devastators appearing in Rogue Squadron as I saw in a video game magazine.  I will be careful in making a decision on how to proceed when this whole problem ends on my next birthday nine days after I write this post.  I must also be mindful of my feelings against Sando Aqua Monsters and my sympathy for Colo Claw Fish and let that be a deciding factor even though I did not have that in mind for obvious reasons back in those aforementioned 53 days for instance.  I am excited about this.  Project Orion II will hand the torch over to my newest interstellar brainchild called Project Sagittarius in dealing with my fears about Star Wars.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The TRUTH about my feelings on Star Wars

Hello, this is Project Orion II's chief designer and I have to reveal the truth about my feelings about Star Wars.  First of all, I never had a problem with Star Wars itself except for one or a few nitpicks, the Death Star, and the shape of the X-Wings, I feared what Star Wars fan might do.  In the past my nitpicks included the destruction of a couple Mon Calamari Star Cruisers in Return Of The Jedi and the World Devastators also eating Mon Calamari Star Cruisers in Dark Empire.  Today my only nitpicks are Sando Aqua Monsters and the treatment of Colo Claw Fish.  At first the only thing that I feared about Star Wars was the Death Star, even before I knew what it was or what it was designed to do.  My fear of the X-Wings did not develop until latter 1997 as a result of having my Star Trek stuff taken away earlier that year for my starting to hate Star Wars in January 1997 due to a few suppressed nitpicks.  When I got rid of my first hatred of Star Wars in April 1998, I tired to be inclusive about Star Wars with starships designed according to realistic scientific principles including Project Orion, but I still suppressed feelings at the time.  I lost it on Christmas 1998 when I get Rogue Squadron with a picture of an X-Wing on it instead of a LEGO set that I wanted and started to HATE Star Wars and the X-Wings again on Fat Tuesday 1999 in what I call the Orion Crisis.  My hatred of the X-Wings was on the surface and skin deep since my goal deep down inside was to fight off a sense of exclusion.  Due to the confiscation of my Orion II for a big chunk of 1999 until August 8 that year, I had a psychological devastation that took me many years to undo via intense therapy and self-examination.  This causes an enormous delay in getting rid of my hatred of Star Wars and solving the Orion Crisis.  This dark period lasted from Sunday, March 21, 1999 when I first had my Orion II taken away until Sunday, September 30, 2012.  Thanks to Idazmi7 and his crusade against StarDestroyer.Net, I was able to overcome this entrenched hatred of Star Wars despite a 706 week delay and achieve my goals of fighting off the exclusion foreboding and to show that my space heroes are just as good as Star Wars heroes on Sunday, October 14, 2012.  The Orion Crisis ends on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 precisely 164 months after it started as to exit the way I came in the last two days before I conceived Project Orion II.  This is also to finalize the bond betwixt Colo Claw Fish and Project Orion II for when the Orion Crisis ends.  I should be cooled off on my 29th birthday on Thursday, October 25, 2012.
So in conclusion, like Idazmi7, I have no problem with Star Wars as a whole, just with bad apple Star Wars fans like StarDestroyer.Net.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net is INDECENT!

I thought that I was not going to have to do this but I just have to since I thought of it while I was camping at a club observatory.  I am a member of an astronomy club.  I am planning to do a Breasts Not Bombs-style Salute YouTube video to StarDestroyer.Net as my one rant video on the website titled "StarDestroyer.Net is INDECENT!" in which I hold a 1:10 scale Sculpey III model of the Sirius Breast Man holding a sign saying, "StarDestroyer.Net is INDECENT!" and explain why.  The freedom of speech is a two way street that not only allows Michael Wong to post his atrocious anti-Star Trek website but also allows me to call him out for it and to protest with Sirius displaying his big female breasts and holding an anti-StarDestroyer.Net protest sign.

StarDestroyer.Net is INDECENT!
Sirius Breast Man
The use of images containing bare female breasts such as my Sirius character to show my disgust for Michael Wong's dirty work is by far the most potent peaceful protest against StarDestroyer.Net.  Sirius Breast Man hates StarDestroyer.Net since it is a grave threat to hard science fiction and to Project Orion II.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Orion II's FINAL Word on StarDestroyer.Net, But...

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer here and I have refuted four lame "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" in my "StarDestroyer.Net Lies" series.  Let me tell you why I care so deeply about StarDestroyer.Net.  StarDestroyer.Net has many followers who support its horrible objectives and this is cause for concern.  If it were just one or a few or some fringe group of Star Wars fans, I would not still be compelled to hate Star Wars, but it is a fan movement like what is demonstrated by StarDestroyer.Net.

DISCLAIMER: I have no problem if Michael Wong likes Star Wars or does not like Star Trek.  Wong, you are perfectly entitled to like Star Wars and to dislike Star Trek all you want.  Other people liking Star Wars and disliking Star Trek is not at all why I wrote the series of posts on StarDestroyer.Net, it is because that website crosses the line by attacking Star Trek fans, spreading misinformation, and opens the doors to smear campaign attacks against hard sci-fi and perhaps realistic interstellar concepts such as Project Orion II by bad apple Star Wars fans.

"There is a DIFFERENCE between having an opinion and being wrong on something!" - SavageBroadcast

My beef with StarDestroyer.Net is that they think that they are better than anybody else and that they know it all as well as severely dragging some of my space heroes through the mud just to make themselves feel superior.  Wong's essays are patently biased, patently false, and he responds with apologetics to criticism.  I will have another post regarding StarDestroyer.Net when Idazmi7 is finally to re-install his Sony Vegas and to upload the videos in which he refutes the racism and communism garbage touted by Wong with links to those videos.

I am a fan of the Atomic Rockets website which Winchell Chung wrote, but there is a sad truth that can be found on the Respecting Science page in which he says that Michael Wong's essays about Star Trek on StarDestroyer.Net are excellent.  Star Trek is not hard science fiction, but neither is Star Wars and Chung also rightfully states that Star Wars is a scientifically illiterate space epic.  Chung, do not let Wong deceive you since he is not a fan of realistic science fiction, he unlike you wants to shove Star Wars down other people's throats.  Three of the four "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" that I rebutted are a grave danger to hard sci-fi.  I honestly think that it is not Chung's fault and that instead Wong bamboozled him.  Atomic Rockets is a remedy to the handwavium problem while StarDestroyer.Net on the other hand is a serious problem.

In conclusion, StarDestroyer.Net is a mixture of cow jizz and rhinoceros diarrhea that is puking on, masturbating on, and shitting on Star Trek, hard science fiction, and possibly realistic starships such as Project Orion II.  Michael Wong is a DIPSHIT, nincompoop, retard, fool, imbecile, crackpot, etc.

Wong's "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" are just like Confused Matthew's BRAINDEAD review of The Lion King and that is a FACT of life.

Do not go to StarDestroyer.Net and if you follow that pernicious website and are reading this, you must leave that website to send a message to Wong that what he is doing is wrong.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode IV: Racism

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer here to refute yet another one of those irritating "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays".  The topic is the one that I saved for last; that's right, I will be ripping apart Racism in Star Wars and Star Trek which I saved for last.  There is so much wrong with that essay such as nitpicking, missing the points, jumping to conclusions, appeal to pity (argumentum ad misercordiam), and outright lies.

Michael Wong is upset with how some people accuse Jar Jar Binks of being a racial stereotype and those who accuse George Lucas of promoting racism, yet this guy has the audacity to accuse Star Trek of promoting racism despite the obvious fact that Gene Roddenberry hated racism.  There are terms for that Wong, it is called hypocrisy or a double standard.  He then accuses Star Trek: Insurrection of promoting white supremacy when that movie was very anti-racist as can be proven in some of the bonus features or extras of a Star Trek: Insurrection Collectors Edition DVD or Blu-Ray.  Gene Roddenberry's son appeared in some of the bonus materials saying how the racism was shown in the film a lot as to tackle and discredit it.  The Ba'ku and the Son'a are the same species since their DNA is identical which is an important line in the movie.  But there is worse, Wong thinks that relocating the 600 Ba'ku to satisfy the demands of billions is okay when in history such forceful relocation of small groups ot satisfy the demands of larger groups only caused problems.

Then Wong brings up how he was once bullied for wanting to have an interracial relationship and used that as a lame excuse to accuse Star Trek of promoting racism, Wong is oriental.  People like Nicholle Nichols who played Nyota Uhura were subjected to racist treatment and hated racism, but they loved Star Trek.   He thinks that Star Trek promotes racism in spades based on many various nitpicks ranging form how the Ferengi were portrayed as greedy capitalists to how the Klingons were portrayed as a whole.  He was only looking at one or a few facets of each and not the whole pictures.

Then he uses the bad science of Vulcans, Klingons and humans interpreting to try to prove that they are the same species.  If two organisms can interbreed, then they are the same species and that is a fact.  However, Vulcans, Klingons, and humans originate on three separate planets so there is no way that they could possibly be the same species.  And the real explanation is that Vulcans and humans interbreeding is bad science and unrealistic for obvious reasons.  This was an argument from personal incredulity that you pulled Mr Wong.  The Federation is not a humans on top entity, especially since members of starfleet can be aliens such as Vulcans, Klingons, and Bolians.  Even the UFP presidents are often not human such as Jaresh Inyo from two back to back DS9 episodes who was a Grazerite.  This brings up an attempted coup by a renegade Admiral Leyton that Wong totally missed the point of.  Leyton was an antagonist who used the Dominion Wars emergency in an attempt to advance himself to power and Sisko foiled his coup.

This is scary since it will open the door to bad apple Starwoids accusing non-Star Trek things that they dislike such as Avatar of promoting homophobia or even racism.  Here is one thing that although has no mention of Star Wars, is a cause for concern because Bad Apple Starwoids might do it later on in an effort to force others to like Star Wars.  Plus there is this SICK BLOG and this offends me since these sick fucks are accusing my all-time favorite move of being homophobic and I HATE homophobia.  Michael Wong, if any bad apple Starwoids join in on saying that Avatar promotes heterosexism just to say that Star Wars is better for LGBT equality, then I will hold you personally responsible since you are the one who opens to door to such slander.  Plus a Star Wars fundementalist known as Radith87 made a sick How Avatar Should Have Ended video and an evil REDUX.  Such essays and videos will do Star Wars fans more harm than good in converting people to enjoying Star Wars and are reasons why I LOATHE Star Wars with a PURPLE PASSION.  So congratulations Wong and Radith87, you are hurting your won cause!  And those two anti-Avatar videos are proof positive of how StarDestroyer.Net opens the door to trashing hard sci-fi in the name of Star Wars.

And back on the topic of communism and the lack of personal spacecraft, I fear that this will be used as a basis to attack realistic sci-fi with interstellar travel as well as Project Orion II since such starships are controlled by a cooperation of different groups and entities.  So I will have my final word on this dipshit and his fan boy website in the next post.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode III: Economics

This is the third post on the most upsetting work on StarDestroyer.Net on this rational blog.  In this post, I will refute The Economics Of Star Trek and explain why it is wrong and show other sources that shoot it down.  This essay is all about how Mr. Wong believes that Star Trek promotes communism and that the United Federation of Planets is a communist regime.

First of all, he believes that the TOS-era Star Trek was a free market and that radical left-wing activists took over government agenda between the TOS and TNG eras.  This is an argument from personal incredulity in which Wong used no other evidence except for his own belief.  I am very left-wing myself in my politics, so I find this extremely offensive what he says.

He thinks that the TNG Federation abolishes property rights despite the fact that the Picards owned a Vineyard and that Joesph Sisko owned a New Orleans Restaurant.  He responds me moving the goalposts on his opponents by saying how citizens of the Soviet Union "owned" certain property.  I too try to live a spartan lifestyle which he detests.  This guy thinks that it was bad to not have Wall Street.  NEWSFLASH Mike Wong, Wall Street is hurting the 99% and is anti-democratic and pro-big business, is that what you want?!  Wong sets up a pathetic straw man fallacy claiming that Star Trek fans think of the Federation as a free market when even in TOS Era as proven in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, they do not use money in the 21st Century.  Free market thrives on the existence of money, and so does communism.  Except in communism all the money is horded by the state.  Not having money is called a resource-based economy, and that is NOT communism.  The Federation is based on a resource-based economy.  The founding fathers of America wrote the Constitution with no mention of "free market" or "capitalism" and said that one person equals one vote.  Capitalism is anti-democratic in that it states that one dollar equals one vote.  Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Wong!  Wong like many right-wing crackpots thinks that money having no meaning is communism which is a warped definition of communism indeed.

He overreacts to there being no personal starships or cars etc in the Federation and all spacecraft being owned by the government.  This does not prove jack because the Federation is still a democratic entity that elects its leaders.  That was nitpicking indeed.  Plus he is being unrealistic relying on FTL-wishful thinking as far as the starships go since realistic interstellar travel will not have FTL due to Einstein's Special Relativity.

Despite being anrdant atheist, he complains about the lack of religion in the Federation.  I have covered what is wrong with that complaint in my previous post.

This guy wants yo to accept that the Federation is a communist regime and will take you for an IDIOT  if you disagree.  He is lying to say that there is no evidence to prove him wrong, that is all because his arguments are all based on massive nitpicking and not looking at the whole picture.  I HATE YOU Michael Wong!  Wong, you are just like Confused Matthew when he reviewed The Lion King, and that is a FACT of life!

Here is proof as to why he is wrong; which like Idazmi7 on YouTube, can shoot him down better than I can.  There is a logical The Unofficial Economics of Star Trek essay by a Participatory economics movement and there are Author's Notes there too.  The Federation (including the TNG-era) has innovation, which communism inhibits innovation.  Wong is also trashing Gene Roddenberry and accusing him of being a Marxist when he was not all because he does not like him.  I have one more essay to dissect before I have my final word on this dipshit and his anti-Star Trek propaganda website.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode II: Philosophy

Previously in my StarDestroyer.Net Lies series, I covered the topic of science and engineering, now I will talk about philosophy.  The idiotic essay that I will be refuting is called The Philosophy of Star Trek.  Some of this is ironic, while there is nitpicking and logical fallacies such as the slippery slope.

First off, Mike Wong accuses Star Trek of just promoting materialism and socialism.  The materialism part is partly invalidated because in the UFP people are not obsessed with owning as much as possible.  Secondly for someone who is an ardent atheist like I am , he complains about there being no religion in the Federation and the UFP being all atheistic.  NEWSFLASH Wong, Religion is by far responsible for the most atrocities and violence throughout human history!  The crimes on Religion's historical rap sheet include the collapse of classical civilization, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, witch hunts and burnings, the genocide of the native Americans, slavery, racism, sexism, suppressing science, ANTI-REALITY fervor, homophobia, effemiphobia, willful ignorance, the Holocaust, terrorism, September 11th, hate crimes, etc.  Religion is dangerous.  The Federation is not a socialist regime you moron!

Then he has a slippery slope about the said "Problems" with Star Trek and the Federation and in the end of that camel's nose fallacy threatens that if he were transported to a future in which the UFP ruled Earth that he would either join the Maquis or an underground church and that he would refuse to submit himself to Federation rules.

Then he thinks that Star Trek says that we must never question technology despite the fact that the Borg are arch villains in the TNG-era Star Trek.

Then he complains about the Prime Directive of non-interference when it is a good idea since one should treat others the way that they want to be treated.  he compares the PD to Americans who feel that the Constitution is more important than morality and this suggests that he feels that it is okay for a tyrannical majority to vote in disgust on the rights of a minority that they dislike such as LGBT people.  He also feels that the TNG-era Klingons are modeled after modern-day America and tyranny of the majority taking away the rights of disliked minorities.  Blast Michael Wong, you are insane!

I have two more of those lousy Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays to rebut before I have a final word on StarDestroyer.Net post.  However, I will have a post on any future videos that Idazmi7 makes refuting the racism and communism garbage when he is finally able to upload them after my final word so readers of my blog can see.  Is is abundantly clear that Michael Wong wants to foist Star Wars onto people who don't like Star Wars by making them feel bad.

Monday, October 8, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode I: Engineering

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I am highly offended by Michael Wong and his StarDestroyer.Net.  However, I will not dissect all of the garbage on StarDestroyer.Net since there is way too much for me or any one person to tackle on their own thanks to the enormous size of the Wong Library.  I will be only dissecting four of Wong's "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" which are the ones that I am particularly offended by.  I will have four posts that refute Wong, one per offensive essay.  In this one as you should know by the title, I will be shooting down his SW V ST Essay on Engineering.  This guy claims that Star Trek is a huge insult to science and engineering which despite Star Trek's share of flaws, is fundamentally mistaken for a variety of reasons.

First of all, since its inception, Star Trek has had a special relationship with the space program and has inspired many of its fans to become scientists, astronauts, and aerospace engineers.  Star Trek as also fueled the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and SETI at home owes its existence to Star Trek.  Some of the things in Star Trek have already become reality such as cell phones, automatic doors, Internet everywhere, etc.  Michael Wong is willfully blind to all of these facts and the evidence to back them up which proves how much of a biased prick he really is.  There is a bonus feature on the extras on a Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Blu-Ray called Star Trek Honors NASA that proves that Star Trek has ties to NASA.  The beginning of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home has a dedication to the crew of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger who lost thier lives.  There is also a Cosmic Thoughts bonus feature that first appears an a TFF Collector's Edition DVD and then on the TFF Blu-Ray which shows Star Trek's ties to astronomy and SETI.  These are official sources since they are on Star Trek DVDs and Blu-Rays!  Star Trek promotes caring for the environment as in TVH and in the Green Future? bonus feature on a TFF Collectors-edition DVD and Blu-Ray.  Lawrence Krass is a great scientists and he tries to back up what he says , and he knows that Star Trek is more realistic than Star Wars, and don't get me started on appeal to authority (argumentum ad verecundiam) Mr. Wong.  In fact Wong, your use of fan sources such as Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections and Wookiepedia to justify your conclusions are two examples of your frequent use of appeal to authority.  The Star Was ICS books are not at all part of canon!  Face it, Star Trek has inspired a lot more science and engineering that Star Wars ever would and that too is a FACT!  Many people in the space sciences are fans of Star Trek and they would be very upset if they read that SW V ST Essay on Engineering.  I did not even had to read his entire Engineering essay; just parts of it, since I already knew in advance from the premise of it that it was fundamentally incorrect.  Wong, don't you DARE tell me that Star Wars is more realistic than Star Trek because the opposite has been proven to be true.

And one thing that truly worries me about these essays is that they will open the door to pro-Star Wars smear campaigns against certain non-Star Trek space things, particularly other science fiction that I love such as James Cameron's Avatar.  There are already bad apple Star Wars fans attacking Avatar just for overtaking Star Wars in the box office such as a YouTube terrorist named Radith87 who had a video called How Avatar Should Have Ended which features the Death Star destroying Pandora.  Plus this bad apple Starwoid made an extended REDUX.  People like Radtih87 and Michael Wong want to shove Star Wars down everybody else's throats by either blowing up non-Star Wars space things that they don't like for making certain non-Star Wars space heroes look like the bad guy.  And this IMPACTS my life and that is why I worry about this.  I have three more posts to do on StarDestroyer.Net which are on those other three essays that have always bothered me.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The StarDestroyer.Net Menace

As Project Orion II's Chief Designer, it is my duty to warn you about a pernicious Star Wars fan website known as StarDestroyer.Net.  Michael Wong set up StarDestroyer.Net as a smear campaign against Star Trek.  Sadly the head of Atomic Rockets as good as his site is thought that Wong's essays on Star Trek were excellent but they were not and let me explain.  First of all, all of those "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" are biased against Star Trek and totally biased in favor of a more unrealistic space genre universe, Star Wars.  There was no favor for any hard sci-fi whatsoever plus this will if left unchallenged open the door to pro-Star Wars smear campaigns against certain non-Star Trek science fiction such as James Cameron's Avatar, there are already Star Wars fan boys who attack Avatar for overtaking Star Wars in the box office.  Atomic Rockets is unsympathetic towards any scientifically illiterate sci-fi universe, and so am I.  But there are three such SW V ST essays that outright accuse Star Trek of promoting racism and communism and being oppressive.  I fear that this will open the door to saying that certain non-Star Trek things are bad in Star Wars' name such as the possibility that some Star Wars fans will accuse Avatar of promoting homophobia or INSULT Project Orion II in such an adverse way.  I saw a blog accusing Avatar of being anti-gay just because it had no gay characters in it and I fear that Mike Wong's ilk of Star Wars fans might pick up on that.  Here are the asinine links:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Although Atomic Rockets is a solution to problems such as handwavium, StarDestroyer.Net is a serious problem!  Plus StarDestroyer.Net is totally responsible for the coining of an anti-Star Trek epithet "Trektard" and there is an "English to Trektard Dictionary".  I am not joking, StarDestroyer.Net has got to go!  Winchell Chung of Atomic rockets was not sympathetic towards that Star Trek fan boy who wanted warp drive to become a reality and yes Star Trek has plenty of handwavium such as Vulcans and Humans interbreeding, macroviruses, the Genesis Device, etc.  However, there is no excuse for StarDestroyer.Net, those three essays that I linked, or the coining of the phrase "Trektard".  Face it, Star Wars is much more scientifically illiterate than Star Trek such as magical hyperdrive, aquatic planet cores, etc.  Atomic Rockets is very helpful, but it is sad that they think that those essays on StarDestroyer.Net are good because StarDestroyer.Net; unlike Atomic Rockets, is a dreadful menace.  That is because Atomic Rockets promotes hard sci-fi while StarDestroyer.Net is a smear campaign in favor of Mike Wong's favorite scientifically illiterate space opera universe.  Winchell Chung knows that space fighters do not make sense and that there is no stealth in space and he will certainly not have any sympathy for anyone who wants to bring the Star Wars universe to fruition for obvious reasons.  I still do strongly recommend Atomic Rockets and hope that Winchell Chung will see the TRUTH about StarDestroyer.Net.  I will also be using this blog to fight StarDestroyer.Net.  DEATH to StarDestroyer.Net, long live Project Orion II Interstellar!

Also, check out this guy, Idazmi7 who has made plenty of videos refuting the erroneous cliams by StarDestroyer.Net.
Orion Solidary Says: "StarDestroyer.Net has got to go bye-bye!"
Although Star Trek has its ample share of handwavium, it also tries its hardest to be true to physics and has inspired may scientists and aerospace engineers.  Star Trek also has ties to the space program and to SETI.  And all of this is a FACT.  The same cannot be said for Star Wars.  The warp drive is now a theoretical physics concept worked out by Miguel Alcuibirre and others and is a non-handwavium alternative to FTL.  Good News Chung, FTL is no longer an excusable violation since 1966 when Star Trek started.  That is because the warp drive is based on physics principles of warped space.  But Warp drive would require negative energy equal to Jupiter and a greater understanding of dark energy than we have today. And here is an image of a realistic warp-powered starship:
A Warpship: A Model for a realistic Starship Enterprise
Winchell Chung may have not been supportive of the Warp Drive at first, but on his FTL-related page, he mentioned it as a semi-plausible shortcut which is fine since it has not yet been demonstrated yet, just an exciting suggestion.  There is also another non-handwavium alternative to FTL that also appears in Star Trek but also appears in Star Gate and Carl Sagan's Contact known as a wormhole.  I am seriously considering using the warpship as a Colo Claw Fish Transport.  Wormholes are also on the table for transporting Colo Claw Fish through deep space too.  I was lucky to have had a bond with Star Trek since I was 8 as the first space series that would be my favorite since it tried hard to be believable.  And Star Trek actually helped with the Warp Theory in physics.  Hyperdrive from Star Wars is just pure handwavium humbug along with FTL jumps and slipspace drive and NASA should not even try to develop Hyperdrive, just do realistic modes of interstellar travel such s Project Orion II of course.  Go right ahead wishful thinking Star Wars fans and call me a nay sayer all you want because I will remain rooted in reality regardless.

StarDestroyer.Net is a mixture of cow jizz and rhinoceros diarrhea that is puking on, masturbating on, and shitting on Star Trek and possibly on hard sci-fi such as Avatar as well.  Michael Wong is a DIPSHIT!  I may sound harsh in my language, but this is how I honestly feel about Wong and his Wong and his website will only contribute negativity.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I Don't Like Star Wars

Hello, this is Project Orion II's chief designer and I have to tell you about a recent discovery about my personal history that goes back more than two decades.  Ever since I first rode the Star Tours simulator ride at Disneyland in very late October 1990, I have had some sneaky foreboding about the Star Wars franchise which is nebulous.  I had a subliminal foreboding that my favorite things would be left out by Star Wars.  That is because Star Wars reminds me of one gaping aspect of a dark period in my early childhood from late 1989 until Friday, May 25, 1990 when I lived in a group home run by an abusive Filipino lady named Belin in Mira Mesa.  The fact that Belin deliberately denied my my toy airplanes and popped my balloons and me not realizing that she was actually doing it on purpose was what Star Wars has always reminded me of.  I started to discover this on Sunday, September 30, 2012 and concluded the day before I wrote this post on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.  I should have done this a long time ago in latter March 1999 instead of having my Orion II taken away like I did for twenty weeks from Sunday, March 21, 1999 until Sunday, August 8, 1999.  That is a long story and I will not discuss it in this specific post.  So if you give me a hard time because I don't like Star Wars, then I will not welcome you.  I arrived at this conclusion through many years of intense therapy and self examination.  However as an honest irony, I will be taking a sexually stimulating Star Wars eel known as a Colo Claw Fish under my wing as the saying goes and use them as a mascot such as a character that I created named Kyle Colo.

Plus I am not at all biased against Star Wars unlike Crackpot Matthew and Crackpot Godzilla 12 who are very biased against The Lion King.  I do admit that Star Wars was very productive to the cinematic community in that it was a quantum leap in movie making and special effects such as the fact that ILM owes its existence to Star Wars.  I do admit that in Star Wars as far as story goes, things tend to make sense.  I acknowledge the validity of other opinions and understand legitimate reasons why other people like Star Wars.  I never ever buy into any anti-Star Wars crackpot theories such as the concept of the "Star Wars Militia" as touted by the I Hate Star Wars Club or create any irrational anti-Star Wars ideas myself.  This is setting an example for Crackpot Matthew and others who share his biased delusions touting that The Lion King does not make sense or that the characters of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are bad and showing that I am fair.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Game Plan

Due to the discovery that I discussed in the previous post titled Orion Solidarity, I can finally put this aversion towards Star Wars to rest, but it will take time to end it. I will do it by reversing the 86 days between the massive Christmas fit on Christmas Day 1998 and March 21, 1999 when I had my Orion II taken away.  October 2012 will reverse the first 31 days that I had the idea of Project Orion II starting on its birth in the morning of Thursday, February 18, 1999.  The first two days of November 2012 will reverse the last two days before Orion II (a.k.a. the first two days of my "Orion Crisis") and the following 53 days concluding Christmas Day 2012 will reverse the turmoil buildup from Christmas 1998 until Fat Tuesday 1999.  It will take time to heal after all that I have been through, but this too will pass.  This is another sound of Carl Sagan's Cosmos done by Vangelis called Pulstar which fits the mood of this crossing perfectly.
To make the crossing, I will go by pairing up Colo Claw Fish with Project Orion II as pictured below.