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Sirius Sagan
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Friday, February 24, 2012

My Forebodings

I am finally succeeding in moving away from my troubles with Sando Aqua Monsters though my interest in the Jupiter "Floaters" and "Hunters" from Cosmos that I had starting in late March and most of April 1999 and taking Colo Claw Fish with me.  Sorry Tussy that I got a bit too rough on you, I take back what I said about you not being my friend.  That is the good news.

The bad news is that a Godzilla goon who dogmatically thinks that the characters of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are evil uploaded a mostly fallacious review of The Lion King.  The guy is OBSESSED with Godzilla and even uses that evil terrorist leviathan as his avatar in his TLK review which is a force argument generating uncertainty on whether or not I will do a full commentary on it or a good rebuttal.  Blast, I HATE Godzilla because he is capricious, malevolent, sadistic, warlike, sadomasochistic, terrorist.  I would much rather be friends with Tusserk than with the lying sack of diarrhea known as supergodzilla12 any day.  If I decide to do a commentary on that diarrhea head's lengthy nitpick review, I will use anti-Godzilla avatars such as the Cloverfield leviathan, the Sandworms of Dune, the Aerial Whale called "the Guide", or Jupiter Floaters.

Godzilla is one of those things that embody foreboding in me along with Mega Man, dragons, and the X-Wings, and this has nothing to do with supergodzilla12 since it stems from the 1990s.  I will be furious if you envision Godzilla eating Colo Claw Fish and hate you for it.

Back on the previous topic, this foreboding is not easy to explain and I am just starting to put the pieces together.  But when I get mentally home; meaning back to when it was full strong with Project Orion II versus X-Wings in February and March 1999 and I was before then as far back as mid 1998, I will be able to far batter understand this foreboding.  Then I must achieve what my goals have been before I can solve this foreboding of mine.  I have strict non-aggression rules and will not refuse to be friends with those who happen to like the X-Wings since I will be mentally home.  I did have a vendetta against a Starwoid nnaed Brian Walcaliak that stemmed form suppressed feelings that I had from my original hatred of Star Wars (January 1997- April 26, 1998) and what I call the "Orion Crisis" started on Fat Tuesday, February 16, 1999.

At this rate, I shall be mentally home by Wednesday, March 21, 2012, the thirteenth anniversary of when I was drivien away from my mental home state of mind by having my Orion II taken away.  In my Orion II Starship of the mind, I am taking Colo Claw Fish with me under my wing as I head mentally home.  In return, Colo Claw Fish will psychologically benefit me in various ways such as my already launched Colo Claw Fish & Project Orion II Unity and perhaps helping me to end my forebodings.

Colo Claw Fish

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