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Sirius Sagan
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Take That Back: I STILL Dislike Star Wars & Rogue Squadron SUCKS!

After thinking that for a while that I no longer dislike Star Wars, but it just dawned on me today that I still do.  I seriously dislike the design of the X-Wings and you can check out my latest blog that I just posted today.

The worst Star Wars-related attack against me on record was in the year 1999.  Started with the birth of my Project Orion II interstellar brainchild, I used Orion II to defend myself against Rogue Squadron and the X-Wings that I fear.  So in an effort to force me to like Star Wars and the X-Wings, those around me took away Project Orion II and tried to kill my brainchild, especially for twenty weeks solid from Sunday, March 21 until Sunday, August 8 that year.  This coupled with some indecision on my part out of fear caused a serious aftermath featuring unwanted obsessions and an unwillingness to study in me that otherwise should not be there.  It took me many years to undo all of that psychological damage.  Since 2002, I have had intense psychological therapy and since the end of 2004 did intense self-examination, and from all of that I have arrived at the conclusion that I really don't like the design of the X-Wings for example.

As I go back to being psychologically home for the first time since 1999, I am taking the erotic Star Wars eels known as Colo Claw Fish with me in an Orion II Starship of the mind.  I now have a psychological union between Colo Claw Fish and the Orion II Starship called the Colo Claw Fish & Project Orion II Unity.  This is especially important since the previous Orion Unity; a psychological union between the X-Wings and the original Project Orion called the X-Wing & Project Orion Unity was ill-fated from its start on Monday, August 17, 1998.  That previous Orion Unity was doomed to collapse into what I call the Orion Crisis and did so on Fat Tuesday, February 16, 1999.  However, I have other reasons for the Colo Claw Fish & Project Orion II Unity besides the failure of the X-Wing & Project Orion Unity.
Colo Claw Fish

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