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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Titan AE Brings NO Peace, NO Joy!

This post is to counter Titan AE since I HATE that highly illogical science fiction film for having a spaceship destroy Earth for no good reason story wise whatsoever, for purely illogical reasons.  They had the Alahenena destroy our planet in the name of handwavium and handwavium alone, and that is SICK!  I no longer dislike or hate Star Wars unlike when I wrote some previous posts.  I would much rather watch Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (TPM) than watch Titan AE TOXICITY any day!  I ceased to have antipathy towards Star Wars on Friday, February 10, 2012 when I saw the 3D re-release of TPM in protest of Titan AE.  If you tell me that no one could have stopped the Drej from destroying Earth, I will tell you to shut up since I have strong feelings in favor of saving Earth.
I will forgive the Sando Aqua Monster for eating one Colo Claw Fish in the TPM underwater scene since that is NOTHING when compared to the unforgivable crime of having a spaceship destroying Earth.  A Colo Claw Fish Carrier can easily drain the Alahenena with is massive frontal ram scoop and this could perhaps boost the performance of the Colo Claw Fish Protector Ship that eats the Crystalline Drej Ship.  The 500m Bussard Ramjet carrying Kyro Sparkles Seymour the Colo Claw Fish will foil the Drej Queen's plot  to destroy Earth by sucking up the Drej energy from the Alahenena with its ramjet engine.  One way to stop the Drej from destroying Earth without relying on a fictitious weakness is using an antimatter bomb which is a hundred times more powerful than a nuclear warhead.  A teaspoon of antimatter is enough to destroy an entire major city, the Alahenena is 7620 meters long, smaller than a major city.  To solve the problem of the gamma rays, the antimatter bomb would be in the heart of the Alahenena before going off as to shield the Colo Claw Fish Carrier from the deadliest elements of the blast.
500m Light Colo Claw Fish Carrier

2500m Heavy Colo Claw Fish Carrier
7620m Alahenena
I also HATE Titan AE since it is soaked in handwavium, not even Star Wars which is not even science fiction is nearly this stupid.  And the sad thing is that Titan AE IS science fiction yet it is virtually pure handwavium and highly illogical.  The ONLY thing that Titan AE got right in its story is the internal layout of the Titan Project, like that of a skyscraper.  There is a common misconception that starships have internal layouts like that of boats due to a "Space is an ocean" fallacy.  However, the Titan is a handwavium device since it is designed to magically create an entire Earth-sized planet from scratch and make it habitable all within one year, this is against physics.  Terraforming is NOT creating planets, it is purely taken an already existing planet such as Venus or Mars and making it Earth-like and takes a time span like centuries to do.  In Titan AE, we did not terraform any planets, but were able to magically create habitable planets, this is absurd.  Titan AE had the Drej demolish our planet just to leave the fate of humanity in some handwavium device, I HATE this with a purple passion!  Newsflash Titan AE, you need REALITY and the laws of physics to save things!

The villains of the movie, the terrorist group known as the Drej are pure handwavium and don't you dare deny it.  First of all, the Drej are said to be pure energy, but they are corporeal beings with tangible bodies like you and I.  The Drej Stingers and Alahenena are made out of pure energy; don't make me laugh, they have tangible designs.  This is a contradiction that flies in the face of physics since pure energy cannot be tangible and pure energy life would be non-corporeal meaning without a body.   Another absurdity is the fact  that an ENTIRE white dwarf is crammed into the the Alahenena to power the ship.  The Drej are apparently motiveless villains who apparently do not want anyone creating planets.  We don't learn jack about Drej culture, Drej society, Drej lifestyle as to why they would want to stamp out the human species to begin with.  So the idea  of the Drej destroying a planet  that we already have just to prevent us from creating planets falls flat on its face when put under even the slightest scrutiny.  The film then says that no one can defeat the Drej yet in the climax of the film Cale defeated them by activating the Titan with his magic ring and draining their vessel, this is a contradiction.  I bet that some might think that the Drej Mothership is stealthy on the basis of the Drej coming without waring to Earth in the film, so don't you even dare count on that.  There is absolutely no stealth in space and this is guaranteed by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics!  For more information on why space stealth is handwavium, check out the Atomic Rockets website's Common Misconceptions, Respecting ScienceDetection In Space Warefare, and Exotic Space Weapons web pages.  The Alahenena would be spotted light-years away and its heat signature would give it away when it is farther from Earth than Alpha Centauri is.  The space shuttle's main engines can be detected past Pluto.  A 190m Project Orion II Starship or a Bussard Ramjet such as a Colo Claw Fish Carrier would also have enough time to deliver the antimatter bomb that will take the Alahenena out of commission in time ot save Planet Earth.

However, despite such an asinine and abhorrent story, Titan AE's messages are excellent and ideals that I agree with.  Titan AE gives messages of hope, second chances, finding a home, belonging, etc and those are reasons that some other people like Titan AE and I will respect that.  Some feel that the voice cast was good.  I have no comment on the music or the style of animation in Titan AE.

The one Star Trek character who instantly reminds me of Titan AE is Nero from the 2009 JJ Abrams Star Trek movie who destroyed Vulcan and tried to destroy Earth in an effort to avenge the destruction of  Romulus.  I have a copy of the comic book prequel  to the 2009 Star Trek film called Star Trek: Countdown which is a back story on what made this Titan AE-like Romulan so angry.

Nero (Star Trek 2009)
Kyro the Colo Claw Fish will swallow the Drej Queen.  I usually am against such measures and against the death penalty.  However, the Drej Queen is one character that I would like to see die since she tries to wipe out everything that I spend a lifetime protecting via genocide, and I have chosen getting swallowed by Kyro the Colo Claw Fish as the Drej Queen's fate.
Kyro the Colo Claw Fish

Drej Queen
In conclusion, Titan AE's morals and cast are excellent, its music and animation are soso.  The story of Titan AE is TOXIC, stupid, ugly, illogical, disjointed, asinine, awful, egregous, absurd, fallacious, unintelligble, unreasonable, unrealistic, idiotic, retarded, mind-numbing, and 100% handwavium.  Titan AE TOXICITY is a mixture of jizz and diarrhea that is puking on, masturbating on, and crapping on astronomy and reason!  When they made Titan AE, it is like they took Carl Sagan's Cosmos and threw it down hard into the dirty gutter.  20th Century Fox pissed me off by making Titan AE and did not earn my forgiveness until after they made what is now my favorite movie, Avatar.

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