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Sirius Sagan
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Star Peace

In this post, I will call for an end to the highly heated "Star Trek vs Star Wars" fan rivalry since it is based purely on nebulous reasons.  There is an overrated, over-hyped, and over-priced bloodthirsty militaristic science fiction gaming franchise called Halo that threatens to militarize the space genre.  I am not making  this up, Halo is blatant military propaganda and it can be proven in the video below:
As you can see in the above video, Bungie and Halo have ties to the US Army, the Pentagon, and the Military Industrial Complex.  Halo is just a colossal propaganda advertisement for the Military Industrial Complex.  Don't ever tell me so ignorant as the claim that Star Wars and Halo are very similar, because they are very different.  The last Star Wars Prequel, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith (ROTS) was against the George and Dick administration and their pro-war foreign policy.  Obi-Wan said, "My loyalty is to democracy, to the Republic."  Anakin replied, "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy."  Anakin's aforementioned line was modeled after Geroge's quote saying, "You are either with us or you are with the terrorists."  Contrary to what some fanatics say, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (TPM) has deep meaning starting with the fact that nobody is born evil.  Another  big point of TPM is what happens to one will effect the other as demonstrated with the Gunbgans and the Naboo who disagreed with each other but lived in peace.  This is what we need to emulate instead of the asinine "Star Trek vs Star Wars" fan rivalry and is also the meaning behind my vision of Colo Claw Fish Carriers and their captains forgiving Sando Aqua Monsters.  Halo on the other hand goes against the meaning of Star Wars, and I know this since I am highly intelligent, logical, and highly educated.
I will envision using 2500m Heavy Colo Claw Fish Carriers to push for an end to Halo.  Heavy Colo Claw  Fish Carriers will once they pick up their Colo Claw Fish passengers form Naboo go straight to the heart of the Halo Universe via a wormhole to protest the militainment and military propaganda that Halo is.  Halo is just nonstop violence and a growing mountain of feces higher than Mt Everest that I fondly refer to as "Mt Halo".
Heavy Colo Claw Fish Carrier
Mt Halo
Had Gene Roddenberry lived to see Mt Halo, he would have been thoroughly disgusted by that sick franchise.

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