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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I Protect Colo Claw Fish

The underlying reason I take Colo Claw Fish under my wing in interstellar voyages of the mind is to 1) promote peace and 2) inspire us to get out of this present culture of "why bother" and to be bold and to seize greatness.  This Velvet Rocket | Project Daedalus sums up my motivations for having such positive feelings towards Colo Claw Fish beautifully.  I say that we have tolerated this present pernicious culture of impotence, ignorance, fear, obsessive militarism for long enough and we must be bold, work together internationally, and start to develop an interstellar probe such as Project Icarus and Project Orion II.  Let Colo Claw Fish and I quote:

"I say that we have tolerated this present, pernicious culture of impotence, fear and ignorance long enough.  How long must we stand by and watch brave proposals collect dust?  It is time for us to be bold and to seize greatness.  It is time for a massive interstellar space probe.

If we are content to live in the past, we have no future.  And today is the past." - The Velvet Rocket

I could not have said it better myself, I totally agree with The Velvet Rocket about what I have just quoted.  Colo Claw Fish and I say that we have tolerated this current harmful culture of impotence, fear, obsessive militarism, and ignorance for too long.  Why must we allow brave scientific proposals collect dust?  Let's start working together internationally as one people and live in peace.  It is time to start developing an interstellar space probe such as Project Orion II.

Although Colo Claw Fish appeared only for seconds in Star Wars Episode I just to be sadistically tortured and eaten by a Sando Aqua Monster and mostly discussed in Star Wars source books and websites, I am still positive towards Colo Claw Fish for the reasons I stated above.  However, the brief appearance of Colo Claw Fish in TPM and my taking Colo Claw Fish under my wing at the same go is a coincidence.  Had Colo Claw Fish had a major role in their story (Star Wars or NOT), not gotten tortured and eaten (Sando Aqua Monster or NOT), or were portrayed in an astronomy book similar to Cosmos and The Universe And Beyond as hypothetical realistic aliens, I STILL would be taking Colo Claw Fish under my wing and be so positive towards them.  One thing to prove it was an image in a book with realistic interstellar travel in it of an animal resembling a Colo Claw Fish with distinguishing features and was not a Colo Claw Fish eating a small angler fish-type creature saying something about being eaten out of the gene pool.  So even if Colo Claw Fish were portrayed differently than in TPM, I still would be positive towards Colo Claw Fish and have my Colo Claw Fish & Project Orion II Unity.

NOTE: I don't like Star Wars and yet I am still highly positive towards Colo Claw Fish.  This is ironic but I am honest about it.

I dislike Star Wars for a variety of reasons.  First of all, I have various bad memories regarding Star Wars including when I had Project Orion II taken away for twenty weeks solid in 1999 in the name of Star Wars.  Secondly, I have deep foreboding about Star Wars.  Thirdly, the whole concept of the "Force" that the Jedi use is a metaphor for FaithPsychosis such as Christophrenia as well as being a cheat and a cop-out.  Fourthly, Star Wars can be very insensitive at times such as glorifying the act of a Sando Aqua Monster torturing, ripping in half, and eating a Colo Claw Fish.  Fifthly, Star Wars is way too unrealistic in that it is mostly built on handwavium wishful thinking.  Finally, many avid Star Wars fans are apologists and like to attack certain non-Star Wars things such as Star Trek, Star Fox, Titanic, and Avatar for example in the name of keeping Star Wars on top.
My Interstellar Brainchild: Project Orion II
"Then through the vast and gloomy dark,
There moves what seems a firey spark,
A lonely spark with silvery rays
Piercing the coal-black night." - Edward Lear
Colo Claw Fish

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