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Sirius Sagan
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Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Back

Sorry that I was off for a few weeks, but I am back with some good news.  I have finally achieved my psychological objective from latter 1998 and early 1999, which is a long story that I will discuss in a future YouTube video series that I am going to make about it.But I can give you a synopsis.  I have had a long history of obsessive problems regarding Star Wars and of hating Star Wars.  My psychological objective that I am referring to was to be my own person in my mind when it came to space and interstellar travel and not have Star Wars represent space for me.  I achieved that goal on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 but had to work out some bugs that if left untreated would cause me to go into an Anti-Star Wars Fanaticism that would ultimately turn me into my own worst enemy out of raw revenge for having my Orion II taken away in 1999.  I remedied the problem by withdrawing all realistic interstellar spacecraft from dealing with Star Wars in my mind including Project Orion II and my famed Colo Claw Fish Carrier known as the ISV Odyssey since my objective was achieved.  I am finally moving on after all of those years.

I have a photo of a 1:1000 scale 19cm Sculpey III model Project Orion II below but I do not have any pictures yet of the ISV Odyssey.
The ISV Odyssey is drawn from the other realistic starships including the ISV Venture Star from Avatar, Project Daedalus, and Bussard Ramjet.  The ISV Odyssey would have an antimatter and Bussard ramjet hybrid propulsion system since it is an ideal realistic propulsion for transporting Colo Claw Fish through deep space.  The ISV Odyssey had four huge heat radiators between the anti hydrogen storage and the Bussard Ramscoop.  The Colo Claw Fish are housed in a 300 meter wide twin centrifugal ring and in cryosleep during the entirety of the voyage.  There are four deep sea to orbit shuttles which are distant descendants from Skylon that ferry Colo Claw Fish between deep sea and the orbiting ISV.  The ISV Odyssey is a distant descendant of Project Orion II.  The ISV Odyssey is 1900 meters long and 500 meters wide.  You will notice that the ISV Odyssey does not look like your usual movie starships such as the Enterprise from Star Trek and that it does not have an FTL drive since it is based on the laws of physics.  I will present more information on the ISV Odyssey in the future.

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