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Sirius Sagan
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Worlds, One Family

I just watched an Avatar tribute video to the song "Two Worlds" from Disney's Tarzan and not only does it sum up Avatar in a nutshell, it also sums up my positive feelings towards Colo Claw Fish as Project Orion II's Chief Designer.  This is extraordinary since I am very welcoming to a Star Wars Fish as the designer of a realistic interstellar spacecraft who had a long history of hating Star Wars.  So in a science fiction sense the protection of Colo Claw Fish by Project Orion II truly two worlds coming together.  If there is an actual encounter between Colo Claw Fish and Project Orion II in a nearby star system such as Alpha Centauri (4.37ly) or Tau Ceti (11.8ly) in like the 22nd Century, it would be a real life instnace of two world coming together.
Project Orion II Starship

Seamore the Colo Claw Fish

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