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Sirius Sagan
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Star Wars Threat

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I have to alert you to a new pro-Star Wars threat.  Like StarDestroyer.Net, this is a serious problem caused by Bad Apple Star Wars Fans (BASWFs) and it is even worse, so let me explain.  No, I am not talking about StarDestroyer.Net, I am talking about a separate anti-Star Trek online smear campaign set up by a different BASWF who's name is NOT Michael Wong.  This anonymous BASWF is totally devoid of any contact with reality and he is on Twitter calling himself "Luke Skywalker" after the major Star Wars protagonist and has a picture of the character as his avatar.  I too have a Twitter account and I have the Colo Claw Fish (a Star Wars fish)as my avatar, but this does not preclude me from going off on that BASWF on Twitter.  I very recently learned about this guy on a Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars page on Facebook plus I am also on Facebook.  This nincompoop set up this anti-Star Trek smear campaign on Twitter on Thursday, February 2, 2012 that he calls "Americans for Truth About Star Trek". I made a series of tweets to the guy before blocking him to show him how I feel about his cause.  This guy even has a website that I cannot go to on my computer and says that Internet Explorer cannot display that page for some reason which is called and if you can get to it on your computer than tell me about it.  This rogue Luke Skywalker must be stopped.  Project Orion II and Star Trek both share the same ideals.  I fear that this Luke Skywalker at best will open the door to other BASWFs attacking certain non-Star Trek space stuff such as James Cameron's Avatar and Project Orion II and at worst he too may launch smear campaigns against and bad mouth Avatar and Orion II in the name of Star Wars.  He is the head of a group of BASWFs that is unaffiliated with StarDestroyer.Net called "Team Star Wars".  This BASWF; like Michael Wong, wants to shove Star Wars down other people's throats by running down Star Trek heroes and smear campaigning against Star Trek.  You rogue Luke Skywalker, I will not tolerate having Star Wars foisted onto me since it cause me severe psychological devastation, and in one case lasting for many years.  I do not know this rogue Luke Skywalker's real name but I do know that it is definitely NOT Luke Skywalker since that was the real name of a fictional character.

It is a very scary and real big possibility that BASWFs will run down Avatar heroes and smear campaign against Avatar since unlike Star Trek, Avatar overtook Star Wars in the box office and as a result Star Wars is no longer #1 in the space genre.  Like the Soviets had their space firsts, Star Wars did have its time of being #1 in the space genre and such people should learn to be grateful for that.  In fact, some BASWFs are attacking Avatar to punish the movie for dethroning Star Wars as the #1 space epic.  If you are on Twitter, tell this guy that you support Star Trek and that he is a nincompoop.

The So-Called
"Americans for Truth About Star Trek"
Team Star Wars
Are Both
This is my reaction to the nincompoop and his Team Star Wars.

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