Sirius Sagan

Sirius Sagan
A shirtless male character of mine who has big breasts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sirius vs Luke Skywalker

This post is totally in response to this new Bad Apple Star Wars Fan (BASWF) movement on Twitter that I mentioned in the previous post.  Sirius Orion Sagan who is the shirtless dog man with big breasts is my avatar while Luke Skywalker is the avatar of the anonymous leader of Team Star Wars and a so-called "Americans for Truth About Star Trek" pseudo-educational smear campaign.  Sirius is voiced and played by me even though he is about ten centimeters taller than me and his birthday is eight weeks after mine.  Sirius; like me, defends Star Trek against BASWFs and also like me, he loves James Cameron's Avatar and dislikes Star Wars.
Sirius Orion Sagan
Luke Skywlaker
DISCLAIMER: I am not angry at the Luke Skywalker character since it is not that fictional character's fault that a BASWF who uses him as their avatar is trying to stamp out Star Trek.  Due to the avatar issue, Sirius represents me while Skywalker represents the anonymous BASWF in charge of Team Star Wars.

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