Sirius Sagan

Sirius Sagan
A shirtless male character of mine who has big breasts.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Game Plan

Due to the discovery that I discussed in the previous post titled Orion Solidarity, I can finally put this aversion towards Star Wars to rest, but it will take time to end it. I will do it by reversing the 86 days between the massive Christmas fit on Christmas Day 1998 and March 21, 1999 when I had my Orion II taken away.  October 2012 will reverse the first 31 days that I had the idea of Project Orion II starting on its birth in the morning of Thursday, February 18, 1999.  The first two days of November 2012 will reverse the last two days before Orion II (a.k.a. the first two days of my "Orion Crisis") and the following 53 days concluding Christmas Day 2012 will reverse the turmoil buildup from Christmas 1998 until Fat Tuesday 1999.  It will take time to heal after all that I have been through, but this too will pass.  This is another sound of Carl Sagan's Cosmos done by Vangelis called Pulstar which fits the mood of this crossing perfectly.
To make the crossing, I will go by pairing up Colo Claw Fish with Project Orion II as pictured below.

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