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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bantokfomoki Sucks

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I know for a fact that non-FTL interstellar travel is real despite what the doubters say, and I vehemently disagree with that pessimistic YouTube user known as Bantokfomoki.  Bantokfomoki believes in the made-up "New World Order (NWO)" and that pornographers are really trying to literally kill people, I am not joking and this is proven by most of his videos and his channel description.  But the reason I am talking about him is his fanatical denial of realistic interstellar travel.  He is against what he calls a "scientific status quo" and says that he goes by internal instead of external as those who believe this supposed "scientific status quo" do.  I did not watch his Avatar videos, but I did watch is pessimistic video against fusion powered interstellar travel which is very narrow-minded.  He claims that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Tsiolkovshy's equation prevent both fusion and antimatter powered starflight as well as travelling close to the speed of light, SHAMEFUL!  He believes that no matter what, your ship will be destroyed by heat, but the scientists who disagree with this grouch know about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Tsiolkovsky's equation, and are good problem solvers.  Starships will likely have heat radiators to dissipate excess waste heat in order to prevent the spacecraft from being destroyed by its own propulsion heat.  Even that does not phase this nay sayer who thinks that he knows it all.  He takes all of those professional scientists and all others who have legitimate reasons for believing in interstellar travel and takes them all for IDIOTS!  NEWSFLASH Bantokfomoki, there is NOTHING in physics that prevents you from travelling close to the speed of light, it has already been observed in experiments on Special Relativity.  Bantokfomoki, don't you DARE try to deny that you are bigoted against advocates of realistic interstellar travel because I have found evidence in your videos and comments to prove it despite a claim that you wish it were possible.  Now I will quote his most blatant denial of realistic interstellar travel on record.  This is responding to the idea of light sails and is a comment on his Avatar Addendum video:

"Yes.  And that's much worse.  'Light' is the most efficient form of propulsion as far as fuel requirements go: To fling protons out to push off of ... kills the idea of interstellar travel even more completely.  Instead of just 'ludicrous' ... it becomes clinically 'insane'. ;o)" - Bantokfomoki

As you can see from this comment that I quoted above, he literally thinks that advocating realistic interstellar travel is a mental illness, what a narrow-minded aerospace bigot we have here.  He is trying to foist his pessimism onto everybody else and what I quoted is crystal clear evidence of it.  Bantokfomoki will only contribute pure negativity and nothing that is constructive or positive.  The guy has superiority complex and this ";o)" at the end of the quoted comment proves just how much of a snob he truly is.  I blocked the guy for his snobbery, belief in the NWO, his asinine idea that nudity kills, and his nay saying against realistic starflight.  I simply just cannot stand to guy or to watch his videos.  In fact, this guy is even WORSE than SuperGodzilla12 because even SuperGodzilla12 does not say that liking what he dislikes is a mental illness, Bantokfomoki does say that disagreeing with him on space travel is a sickness.  In another words, even SuperGodzilla12 is much nicer and more open minded than Bantokfomoki.  Heck, even Confused Matthew is more open and tolerant than this nasty nay sayer!

My beef with Bantokfomoki is that he thinks that he knows it all and everything that he does is filled with hype, especially his anti-starflight videos.  Do not talk to Bantokfomoki if you can at all avoid it.  Trust me, I learned this lesson the hard way under a now closed YouTube account when I talked to him on the one video of his that I saw.  This is advice from someone who has made mistakes.  I recommend that all supporters of realistic interstellar travel follow the seven steps in the image below to deal with nay sayers like Bantokfomoki:
Don't get me wrong here, I still maintain that FTL drive and stealth in space are both violations of physics.  Bantokfomoki proceeds on a false premise that realistic starflight too violates physics which it certainly does not, but FTL wishful thinkers and stealth in space fans proceed on an opposite false premise claiming that people broke laws of physics before.  There was nothing in physics preventing objects from moving faster than sound, since the tips of whips and bullets did it centuries and even before the advent of manned flight.  Particles in particle accelerators have been travelling close to the speed of light for decades.  And yes, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics forbids any stealth in space while Relativity forbids FTL travel.

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  1. And I quote "I did not watch his Avatar videos..." ya, I can tell. I do not think you understand Tsiolkovshy's rocket equation whatsoever. He is explaining why it is a waste of time to explore ideas like yours so that people will move on and think of something new and different. Your little 7 rules for staying blind are no different than the instructions of any cult leader, wouldn't you say? I find it very useful to have people try to punch holes in my ideas as if I really understand something I will have a clear response. And your dismissal of the NWO is all any thinking person would need to know about you anyway, lol. So ya, let me know when you get back from alpha centauri, I'm sure your ego will provide all the hot exhaust you need. And no he didn't put me up to saying something here this was completely for my own amusement. As Bantokfomoki would say... ;o