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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Titan AE Fanboy 101

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I will talk about who I view as the prototypical Titan AE fanboy and a poster boy for pro-Titan AE immaturity, he is a YouTube user known as NotOrdinaryInGames.  I informed this guy that I don't like Titan AE and he blocked me each time all because he detested what I had ot say.  I tried to reason with him from some of the accounts that I now closed, and he did not address my points or even try to rebuttal me, he just did skimpy relies that almost always attacked me and then blocked me.  Plus he has comments pending approval and deletes my anti-Titan AE comments that I try to post on his channel no matter how mature.  This guy is a coward who is 100% PRO-CENSORSHIP and against the Freedom of Speech.  The last time I talked to him sending him one of my first anti-Titan AE videos, he called me a weirdo and did the only thing to me which was not an ad hominem attack, but was another type of logical fallacy.  He refused to watch my video or he watched it and did not address a single point that I made against one of his favorite movies.  Worse yet as I learned in the comments of a Danny's Commentary: Confused Matthew video about what's so wrong with Confused Matthew's idiotic Lion King review, he gave a clue that he agrees with the dumpy Lion King review in question.  He said that he did not want ot give his opinion as to not start a flame war, which makes me madder at him more than I already am.  I fear that he likes Titan AE for an immoral reason because the movie seeks to wipe out The Lion King via planet busting.  I am okay with people liking Titan AE for good messages such as hope and second chances, but have ZERO TOLERANCE for liking it because it destroys what one hates with extreme force.  However, there is some question to whether or not Titan AE was written as a revenge attempt against The Lion King for overtaking Don Bluth, there is loose evidence to suggest this possibility.  However, I am not sure because the evidence has to be rock solid before my suspicions are confirmed or refuted.  I hold dear the Carl Sagan idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and I hope that my suspicions are wrong.

NotOrdinaryInGames' Channel Avatar
NotOrdinaryInGames, you need to face reality and check out Atomic Rockets which is excellent and where I first learned about handwavium.  Handwavium is anything that flat out violates the laws of physics such as faster than light drive, stealth in space, tangible pure energy (i.e. Drej), and magical planet-creating spacecraft (i.e. Titan Project).  I have no problem with other people liking Titan AE and I do not get upset with all Titan AE fans, this can be proven by my subscribing to a mature Titan AE fan on YouTube known as DrejStinger1986.  NotOrdinaryInGames; you are perfectly entitled to like Titan AE, but you got to admit when you are wrong and to address what others have to say at times.  This guy blocks me and removes my comments because he is scared.  He is scared because I have points that he cannot refute so he resorts to censorship and outright attacks against me.

NotOrdinaryInGames' Two Logical Fallacies

1) Personal Attack Fallacy (Ad Hominem):  An informal logical fallacy in which the arguer verbally attacks their opponent without addressing the substance of the opposing argument in a desperate effort ti discredit anything they say.  This is fallacious because verbally attacking the person does not constitute refuting an argument.

NotOrdinaryInGames' type of Ad Hominem of choice is the Ad Hominem Abusive in which he calls me names such as "weirdo" all because I tell him that I have legitimate reasons to dislike Titan AE.  He knew that I was not a troll since I have shown him that I am serious, but he called me a weirdo saying that "there is no place for 'weirdos' on his channel" and to "enjoy my block".  And guess what, he blocked me!  He uses the word "weirdo" to refer to those who say that they dislike what he likes, for instance Titan AE.

2) Authority Fallacy (Ad Verecundiam): An informal logical fallacy in which one sets up their own ands/or someone else's authority to exempt their conclusion form criticism and scrutiny.  This is fallacious because stated authority do not necessarily prove the conclusion correct.  Authority arguments are totally worthless!

The one and only thing that I can recall that NotOrdinaryInGames said to me that was not an Ad Hominem was an Authority Fallacy in which he used the Internet Movie Database to shield Titan AE against my scrutiny of the film.  This Ad Verecundiam was in the reply he sent me to a Titan AE review that I sent him and the same message in which he called me a "weirdo".

NotOrdinaryInGames, criticism is something that you need to learn to deal with, when someone such as myself gives you legitimate criticism you block them and outright attack them.  NotOrdinaryInGames, here are the valid reasons why I loathe Titan AE:

1) A spaceship destroys Earth for asinine reasons storywise.
2a) The story is soaked in an orgy of handwavium
2b) A handwavium device is humanity's only hope in the film.

And despite that, NotOrdinaryInGames takes me for an IDIOT all because I give valid reasons for not liking a movie that he loves, what a fanboy we have here!  I also acknowledge the valid reasons others may have for liking Titan AE such as hope, second chances, finding a home, etc.  I bug off from mature Titan AE fans because they acknowledge me and I acknowledge them.  Conversely, NotOrdinaryInGames refuses to acknowledge me even though I would acknowledge him if he said what he likes about Titan AE, he is one pathetic fan bigot.

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