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Friday, December 7, 2012

How Project Orion II will foil the Drej plot to destroy Planet Earth

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I am rigging my interstellar brainchild which I designed for interstellar exploration to be able to take on my most hated war machine of all time, the Crystalline Drej Mothership known as Alahenena.  I have done some research before writing this post in which I refute the most obnoxious defense of Titan AE that I ever had the displeasure of hearing.  A jerk known as Silver Jedi made his macabre defense and introduced it with "no offense" stating how nothing could have stopped the Drej from destroying Earth in the first place no matter what using "human spirit and mortality" as a sickening excuse.  Newsflash Silver Jedi, Offense taken!  Watch out Silver Jedi, Project Orion II can and will stop the Drej from destroying Earth and it would be an act of war for you to fight against the Orion II efforts to stop the Drej from blowing up our planet.  Plus another realistic starship that can stop the Drej from destroying our planet is the Bussard Ramjet which can obviously drain the Drej with its ramscoop.  So behold the sources that I use and cite for this post:

Now I will talk about the specs of Project Orion II and Alahenena.  The Orion II Starship is 209 meters long and 62 meters wide while the Alahenena is 7620 meters long.  An antimatter bomb is a hundred times more powerful than a nuclear weapon where a teaspoon of antimatter is enough to wipe out any major city on Earth.  The narration in the beginning of Titan AE said that the Drej came without warning suggesting stealth in space which is a clear violation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  There is no way that the Drej can hide their military spacecraft from detection by Project Orion II.  Plus in space you cannot swoop or turn on a dime since there is no air pressure or friction in space and Drej Stingers will not make sense economically, scientifically, or militarily.  So Project Orion II will have the advantage and the Alahenena will be a sitting duck.  Windows are omitted on both opposing spacecraft.  The Orion II Starship launches an antimatter warhead towards the Alahenena while the enemy planet buster is only visible through the six on-board 5m reflector telescopes on the astronomy deck.  The antimatter device moves too fast to allow for enough time for the Drej to react and it goes into the heart of the enemy warship before going off and there is a very good reason for this.  That is because lethal gamma rays result form matter-antimatter explosions and travel at the speed of light and you cannot outrun X-rays.  If the antimatter device is detonated when it is in the heart of the Drej Mothership, the Drej Ship will soak up the gamma rays upon its destruction and thus shield my Orion II from the deadliest elements of the blast.  There is no way that the Drej Ship can withstand the explosion of an antimatter bomb going off inside it, even if this happens before the Drej destroy Earth.  So Project Orion II detonating an antimatter bomb inside the Alahenena before the Drej destroy Earth is guaranteed to foil their plot to destroy Earth regardless of what Silver Jedi says.

Another problem with Silver Jedi is his straw man logic about me assuming that I hate any sci-fi that is not either Star Trek or my creation which has no basis in reality whatsoever, a total distortion of my position against Titan AE.  I like other space sci-fi besides Star Trek and my creations like Project Orion II including Carl Sagan's Contact and James Cameron's Avatar and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am against Titan AE because it has a spaceship destroy Earth for stupid and pointless reasons, its story is disjointed, and the movie uses way too much handwavium especially since a handwavium device is humanity's only hope in the film.  I fear that Titan AE might have been created as an attempt to exact planet-busting revenge against The Lion King for overtaking Don Bluth and Gary Wayne Goldman.  What I just stated as my reasons for railing against Titan AE are far more specific than just not being Star Trek or my creation.  So Silver Jedi, I have strong feelings about this due to my deep regard for other life, my vehement opposition to genocide, and me feeling the deaths of others.

Let's assume using the Starfighter way to stop the Drej from destroying Earth as discussed in the Destroy The Death Star episode of Michio Kaku's Sci-Fi Science series.  As I state before, the banking and swooping in space that lots of sci-fi depicts Starfighters doing is IMPOSSIBLE and instead your would pivot and swivel when you make a turn in space.  Plus the pilot needs to be immersed in a fluid to protect against being crushed by the G-forces when he makes turns.  Plus you are not helpless in space when someone is behind you, that is utter bollocks.  You can simply rotate 180 degrees and fly backwards to take out the pursuer.  So the particle beam guns wold make quick work of any Drej Stingers since they fire plasma bits at nearly the speed of light.  Like with the much larger 160km wide Death Star, the fighters would swarm, move fast, and maneuver in a way that does not allow the Drej enough time to react.  Plus the antimatter bomb which is powerful enough to wipe out the Death Star will be used to take the Alahenena out of commission.  But the antimatter bomb must go into the center of the Alahenena before going off to soak up the deadly gamma rays since they travel at the speed of light.

In fact, a mature Titan AE fan on YouTueb known as DrejStinger1986 beat me to this antimatter bomb approach to stopping the Drej from destroying Earth in a story he wrote me.  he did it for fictitious reasons to take out the queen which is fine since he was lucky to get it right of using antimatter as to not rely on fictitious weaknesses and to put it deep in the Alahenena which solves the gamma ray problem.  DrejStinger1986 gets an A for that but that is just luck for him.

HappyCabbie on YouTube is another Titan AE apologist who believes in this same evil defense of Titan AE and thinks that Titan AE is great because of it.  So anyone who dares to tell me that Project Orion II with antimatter bomb cannot stop the Drej from destroying Earth will be blocked and their comment removed since I will not bother to waste my time dignifying their comments!

Sirius Sagan

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