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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Stern Message for NotOrdinaryInGames the Prototypical Titan AE Fan Bigot

NotOrdinaryInGames, as Project Orion II's Chief Designer, I have a message of deep concern for you.  I am disgusted with the fact that you immediately block mew on YouTube every time I provide mature criticism and scrutiny upon Titan AE without even doing a rebuttal, let alone addressing my argument as a whole.  All you do besides blocking me and removing my anti-Titan AE comments form your account is call em names and outright attack me with on authority fallacy.  This is very shameful and I need to have a pow-wow about this.

NotOrdinaryInGames, what are you so terrified of?  Are you frightened of the fact that I can easily shoot down Titan AE with arguments that you simply cannot refute?  Are you fearful of the fact that I have legitimate reasons for hating Titan AE and railing against that movie?  I bet you are or else you would try to at least rebut me instead of skimpy replies upon blocking me that do virtually nothing except for verbally attacking me.  NotOrdinartyInGames; you offend me, that's right, you piss me off by your refusal to acknowledge my concerns and very cowardly actions.

Another problem that I now have with you NotOrdinaryInGames is that you probably agree with Confused Matthew's dictatorial and mind-numbing review of The Lion King as proven by a comment stating how you did not want to give your opinion for fear of starting a flame war on a video called Danny's Commentary: Confused Matthew.  This brings up my ultimate foreboding about Titan AE which is that Don Bluth and Gary Wayne Goldman and the writers of Titan AE wanted to exact planet-busting revenge against The Lion King for its roaring success and overtaking Bluth out of sheer jealousy.  This is not certain but there is loose evidence to suggest this grim possibility of Titan AE being designed as a planet-busting attack against The Lion King.  To either confirm or dispel my suspicions, use official sources from the makers of Titan AE like what they have to say about The Lion King.  NotOrdinaryInGames, I fear that one of your reasons for loving Titan AE is because of its cosmic anti-Lion King vendetta in which case I will have to be hostile to your opinion for it if that is the case.  It is okay to like Titan AE because of good messages in the film such as hope and second chances but wrong t like it because it seeks to destroy something that you hate with sheer force.  NotOrdinaryInGames, I have astronomically more reason to bash Titan AE than you or Confused Matthew do to bash The Lion King.

NotOrdinaryInGames, I argue against the asinine orgy of handwavium and the abhorrent story of Titan AE and my logic and evidence there seems to be way too much for you to handle.  I do admit that it has good messages even though the story is messed up.  Titan AE got a couple of things right such as the internal layout of the Titan and the lack of windows on some of its interstellar spacecraft.  I strongly recommend the Atomic Rockets website which promotes realistic science fiction by advocating the placement of hard science in science fiction and also look up Arthur C Clark too.  James Cameron's Avatar is currently my number one all-time favorite movie in part because of its scientific accuracy but also because of its story and its environmental and anti-imperialistic messages.  Rather you like it or not NotOrdinaryInGames, it is a 100% proven FACT of life that Avatar is astronomically better than Titan AE for various reasons such as things making much more sense in Avatar than they do in Titan AE.
Sirius Sagan (top) versus NotOrdinaryInGames (bottom).  Sirius Sagan is 100% against Titan AE because he is rightfully disgusted by the utter disregard for life and the overuse of handwavium just like I am.  Sirius Sagan's favorite movie is the aforementioned Avatar and his most hated movie is Titan AE.  NotordinaryInGames, you must learn to live with the fact that there are people out there who hate Titan AE and I happen to be one of them!  Blocking them and removing their comments just for merely informing you that they dislike Titan AE for valid reasons is immature, 100% PRO-CENSORSHIP, and against the freedom of speech.

Project Orion II will foil the Drej plot to destroy Planet Earth by putting an antimatter bomb in the Drej Mothership and detonating it before the Drej destroy Earth.  NotOrdinaryInGames, if you say that Sirius Sagan and Orion II cannot stop the Drej form destroying Earth even with an antimatter bomb, then you are a LIAR!  I have done some research before hatching this plan.

I chose the antimatter bomb as my weapon of choice from watching an episode of Michio Kaku's Sci-Fi Science: Physics Of The Impossible called "Destroy The Death Star".  That is because Kaku came to the conclusion that an antimatter bomb is ideal for taking out the 160km wide Death Star since it is 100 times more powerful than a nuclear weapon and a teaspoon of antimatter can wipe out any major city on Earth.  The Drej Ship Alahenena is only 25000ft (7.62km) long so there is no way that it could withstand the blast of an antimatter weapon going off inside it, even if the antimatter device goes off in it before it destroys Earth.

I also did some research on the Atomic Rockets website and one of the things that I have learned is that space fighters do not make sense economically, scientifically, or militarily so Drej Stingers would be useless against Orion II on those grounds.  The beginning of Titan AE says the Drej come without warning suggesting stealth in space, laughable.  The is no such thing as stealth in space; even without any visible means of propulsion or with cloaking devices, as guaranteed by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics!  Plus the Orion II Starship will engage the Crystalline Drej Ship while it is only visible through the six 5m reflector telescopes on the astronomy deck.

The antimatter warhead will deploy from a hold where a dispatch probe is normally stored and will move too fast for the Drej to react.  The warhead will go into the heart of the Alahenena before going off so the Drej Vessel will soak up the gamma rays and shield my Orion II form the deadliest elements of the blast.  The antimatter device is embedded in the Alahenena and is detonated before the Drej fire on Earth.  Therefore, Project Orion II takes the Alahenena out of commission and stops the Drej from destroying our plant.

NotOrdinaryInGames, that counter story scenario is expressing my strong feelings that I have against the idea of a spaceship destroying Earth for asinine reasons.

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