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Friday, February 17, 2012

Colo Claw Fish & Project Orion II Unity & Project Orion II Victory

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer Timothy McHugh and I am going to talk about some excellent news.  In the evening of Tuesday, February 16, 1999, I started a psychological opposition towards the X-Wings that became known as the Orion Crisis that lasted for precisely thirteen years, hence the term "13-Year Orion Crisis (13YOC)".  I don't like X-Wings because I do not like the design.  Yesterday in the evening of Thursday, February 16, 2012, I achieved my psychological goal of having spacecraft designs that I like such as Project Orion II or Arwings from Star Fox instead of X-Wings take the Death Star out of commission.  Now that I have achieved my long-sought-after objective,  I will make official a psychological unity that I refer to as the Colo Claw Fish & Project Orion II Unity which will be in a permanent state.

Colo Claw Fish can grow up to 40 meters in body length and I do speculate and believe that they are real aliens, but let me explain why I view them differently than Star Wars does.  First of all, you cannot have liquid water in the core of a planet or even just below the rocky crust of an Earth-like planet, that goes against basic planetary physics.  Continental crust is made of granite while oceanic crust is made of a denser basalt.  Water is a lot less dense than any rock; therefore, rock always sinks in water.  If Colo Claw Fish exist, they would live above the oceanic crust of their home planet or moon, not below it and certainly not in the planet core!  I believe that Colo Claw Fish do not live in a galaxy far, far away and instead live in our own Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps in the ocean of a habitable planet or moon in a star system nearby to us such as Alpha Centauri 4.37ly, Tau Ceti 11.9ly and 40 Eridani 16.7ly.  I am not only hoping that there are Earth-like worlds in the Alpha Centauri star system, I also hope that Colo Claw Fish live at Alpha Centauri as well.  That is especially true since Alpha Centauri is our next door neighbor in galactic terms.  Colo Claw Fish have a slow digestive system and even hibernate, and this makes them very safe for human ecology despite them being predators.  Colo Claw Fish would be much safer to human life than locusts or tribbles for example.  In fact, we know more about the surfaces of the moon and Mars than we do about our won planet's oceans and we only explored 1% of the Earth's oceans.  This raises an interesting possibility that there is a remote possibility that real Colo Claw Fish might live on our own planet and we have yet to discover them.

Project Orion II is a concept of a deuterium-helium3 inertial confinement fusion pulse propulsion interstellar spacecraft that borrows from other interstellar travel concepts including Project Orion (1958-1965), Project Daedalus (1973-1978), and the ongoing Project Icarus study.  Project Orion was an attempt to develop a spacecraft propelled by nuclear explosives behind a pusher plate and was under top secret development until after the signing of the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that forbids nuclear explosions in space.  Project Daedalus was a five-year study by the British Interplanetary Society of a deuterium-helium3 fusion pulse propelled interstellar probe flyby mission to Barnard's Star 5.9ly.  Project Icarus is another five-year theoretical study that started in latter 2009 between the Tau Zero Foundation and the British Interplanetary Society that like Orion II, must slow down to another star system.  Orion II will have a secondary propulsion system such as a magsail or a lightsail to permit it to save fuel and decelerate.  The Orion II Starship will be 190 meters in total length and have a width of 50 meters.  Orion II will travel at a top speed of at least ten percent of the cosmic speed limit, the speed of light.  So a voyage to Alpha Centauri only 4.37 light-years away; factoring in both the acceleration and deceleration phases of the mission would take about fifty years, less than a human lifespan.  So if my Alpha Centauri hopes are true, it would take the Orion II Starship starting from launch a half century to travel to the real home of Colo Claw Fish and discover them.  Project Orion II will be built and launched before the end of the 21st Century and arrive at Alpha Centauri and possibly find Colo Claw Fish in the early half of the 22nd Century.

Originally before the 13YOC starting on Monday, August 17, 1998, I tired a psychological unity between the original Project Orion and X-Wing Starfighters that turned out to be an ill-fated disaster that eventually resulted in the Orion Crisis starting on the following Mardi Gras.  And that is exactly why the Orion II Unity is with Colo Claw Fish instead of X-Wings.  I will make a video series and some posts talking about the 13YOC including a back story starting with my birth to show how it all developed.
Jupiter "Floaters" and "Hunters" (Carl Sagan's Cosmos)
 Above is an image of the Jovian "floaters" and "hunters" that were featured in Chapter/Episode 2 of Carl Sagan's Cosmos called "Once Voice In The Cosmic Fugue".  I was fascinated by the possibility of life in the atmospheres of gas giants since early 1999.  Below is a video talking about the Colo Claw Fish & Project  Orion II Unity.

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