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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Team Star Fox vs. the Death Star

In this post I will have Team Star Fox instead of Rogue Squadron attack the moon-like planet buster known as the Death Star because of what it does and its shape.  It will be Fox McCloud instead of Luke Skywalker who will take the Death Star out of commission.  As a result, the Death Star will be blown apart by an Arwing instead of an X-Wing.  I am disgusted with certain fan fiction fantasies about the Death Star demolishing Planet Earth and the moon Pandora from James Cameron's Avatar, especially since this is being done for no good or logical reason whatsoever.  Don't get me wrong, fan fiction also helps me in various other areas ranging from taking Colo Claw Fish under my wing to having a non-Star Wars hero that I love blow up the deadly Death Star.  In conclusion fan fiction both helps me and causes me problems.  A perfect example of a fan fiction that glorifies using the Death Star to wipe out what one does not like is a genocidal fantasy YouTube video by YouTuber with the username of Radith87 called "How Avatar Should Have Ended".  That video was designed to punish Avatar for overtaking Star Wars in the box office out of raw jealousy and revenge.  I bet that the chief reason some idiots fantasize about the Death Star blasting our planet to rubble is to attack Star Trek by blowing up the capital planet of the United Federation of Planets, which is the same as the planet we live on.  I was angry when I first saw the trailers to Titan AE since it had a spaceship destroy Earth.  Had Titan AE never been written, there would STILL be those fantasies about the Death Star destroying Earth and Pandora.

Fox McCloud: Lead pilot of Team Star Fox
Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox team and his piloting prowess is unmatched.  He is a far better pilot than any star pilot in the Star Wars universe.  Unlike Luke Skywalker, Fox McCloud does not need any mumbo jumbo or superstition such as the Force to take out the Death Star since he is a excellent pilot to begin with.
Grand Moff Tarkin: Captain of the Death Star
Grand Moff Tarkin is the captain of the Imperial Death Star who loves to say the following line, "You may fire when ready."  He is skinny and tall.
Arwing: Starfighter of choice for Team Star Fox
Team Star Fox has four Arwings flown by the aforementioned Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Krystal, and Slippy Toad.  Arwings are far superior to any Star Wars starfighters including X-Wing Starfighters and let me explain.  First of all, X-wings are only destroyed with one or two hits, even with the shields up.  Conversely, Arwings have shields that can take many hits before going down.  Secondly, there is no maneuver that an X-Wing can do that an Arwing cannot do, plus Arwings can do barrel rolls to deflect enemy fire which X-Wings cannot do.  Thirdly, an Arwing is both faster and more maneuverable than an X-Wing.  Fourthly, Arwings have smart nova bombs that can decimate scores of enemy fighters which X-Wings' proton torpedoes cannot do.  Fithly, Arwings have a better design for entering and exiting atmospheres than X-Wings do.  Many sci-fi has got it wrong in the sense that you cannot bank or swerve in space plus you are not really helpless when someone is behind you in space.  That is because there is no friction to push against in space as well as the fact that a spacecraft can fly in any angle they want to when cruising, even backwards.  Pivoting and swiveling can be done in a vacumm like outer space.  But either way, an Arwing is a far better choice of starfighter in taking the Death Star out of commission. 
Death Star
The Imperial Death Star is a moon-like battle station with enough firepower to obliterate an entire planet in one shot.  In the original Star Wars movie, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the Death Star test fired its planet-busting superlaser on Princess Leia's homeworld of Alderaan.  In certain fan fiction, this superweapon has been envisioned by some jerks to destroy other planets including Naboo (Star Wars), Pandora (Avatar), and Earth out of blind hatred by the individuals with such fantasies.  The reason that Naboo has been targeted by some Death Star-related fan fiction is because many old-school Star Wars fanatics are pissed off at the changes that George Lucas did to Star Wars; especially aspects such as Jar Jar Binks, so they choose to lash out in their vindictive imaginations.  NEWSFLASH you old school Starwoids, George Lucas is the creator of the entire Star Wars franchise, and if you don't like the changes, then walk away from that franchise.  Please stop lashing out.  Radith87 glorified using the Death Star to wipe out the Na'vi and blasting Pandora all because he was upset that Star Wars was not number one in the box offic and motivated by immature jealousy.  I bet that the Star Wars fans who envision the Death Star decimating Earth are mainly doing it to cripple the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek by attacking the Federation where it hurts the most. 
TIE Fighter: The Death Star's fighters
The Death Star is guarded by swarms of Twin Ion Engine (TIE) Fighters that swarm attacking starfigthters in order to defend the Death Star.  TIE fighters are taken out with only one shot and are no match for Arwings, especially since Arwings can use nova bombs to take out scores of them per blast.  Team Star Fox can easily take on the TIE Team.

Fox McCloud would place a smart nova bomb into the thermal exhaust port which will be obvious despite interference surrounding it.  As to not have to rely on a ficticious weakness, Fox would drop an antimatter bomb into the thermal exhaust port that will go off once in the center of that battle station as to shield Team Star Fox from the deadlist elements of the blast, gamma rays.

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