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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Orion II Got Sando Aqua Monster Day

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and Fat Tuesday, February 21, 2012 is also the day that Project Orion II triumphed over the Sando Aqua Monster (including Tussy's Jedi Sando Aqua Monster on SWAG).

I am also designing an interstellar spacecraft concept that supplements Project Orion II dubbed Project Daedalus II which is a cross between the Project Daedalus second stage and the middle and stern of a Project Icarus design.  Daedalus II was born on the day that Project Orion II beat the Sando Aqua Monster.
Project Daedalus 2nd stage
The bow of Project Daedalus II will look like the Project Daedalus second stage above with the reaction chamber removed since it will be attach to a body that looks like the spine and stern of the Project Icarus design below
Project Icarus Mk 1
However, the engine on Daedalus II will have six supports instead of three holding the engine rings onto the pusher plate.  There will be six fuel tanks above the push shied instead of eight plus the spine will be somewhat shorter and have propellant and secondary propulsion such as magsail in it as well.  There could be heat radiators to purge the excess heat.  Colo Claw Fish Carriers may need to have large heat radiators to purge the waste heat.

Another option for a first Colo Claw Fish Carrier could be totally based on the Project Icarus Mk 2 design shown in the two images below.  Project Daedalus II might turn out to look like the Icarus Mk 2 design with some small changes on it.  The advantage of the Icarus Mk 2 design for a fusion pulse Colo Claw Fish Carrier is that it is easier to shield the sexy eels from cosmic rays with that design.  As I was writing this blog entry, I changed form the cross between Icarus Mk 1 and Project Daedalus 2nd Stage to using just the Icarus Mk 2 design as the staple basis for Daedalus II.  In fact, I will use the Project Icarus Mk 2 design for my Project Daedalus II, but will add some small changes such as a large hatch for erotic Colo Claw Fish and an astronomy deck that I know and love.
Project Icarus Mk 2 Foreward
Another bonus of the Icarus Mk 2 design is that those curved cosmic ray deflector magnetic poles can also serve as 100% effective Sando Aqua Monster repellent.  In another words, the entire ship would be Sando repellent. 
Project Icarus Mk 2 Aft
Project Orion II the Light Colo Claw Fish Protector

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