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Sirius Sagan
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Orion II Versus Sando Aqua Monster

I am Project Orion II's Chief Designer so by default Project Orion II is one of my most frequent haunts.  My other most frequent haunts include Jupiter "Floaters" and "Hunters" from Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Atomic Rockets, realistic interstellar travel, and astronomy.  There is a Sando Aqua Monster lover whose pseudonym is Tusserk (a.k.a. Tussy) and is a member of the Star Wars Artists' Guild (SWAG).  That imbecile drew a "Jedi Sando Aqua Monster" and loves to brag about how those cosmic vermin are "Force sensitive".  Sando Aqua Monsters are one of Tussy's most frequent haunts.  Sorry Tussy, but my interstellar brainchild Project Orion II will always have the upper hand over the Sando Aqua Monster.

Project Orion II Specifications:

Length: 190 meters
Width: 50 meters
Payload Mass: 225 tonnes
Dry Mass: 1,000 tonnes
Propellent Mass: 9,000 tonnes
Departure Mass: 10,000 tonnes
Powerplant: D-He3 fusion pulse propulsion / Magsail
Speed: 10% lightspeed (30,000 kilometers per second)
Affiliation: Reason

Sando Aqua Monster Specifications:

Average Length: 160 meters
Speed: 160 kilometers per hour
Affiliation: Superstition

Project Orion II operates in outer space and the Sando Aqua Monster cannot even fly!  It is obvious from all of the evidence that Project Orion II wins hands down!  Even Tussy's Sando Aqua Jedi would be no match for the Orion II Starship for the same reasons as I stated before.  That is because Project Orion II (if one were to arm it) can strike from outer space while the Sando Aqua Jedi cannot even fly and the beam would come at the speed of light, thus not allowing the Jedi Sando Aqua Monster enough time to react.  The Force will not do Jedi Sando any good because it is a product of SICK brains.  Christophrenia is the belief in resurrected zombies that save with blood, namely Zombie Jesus.  Religion is organized schizophrenia.  Check out Calpurnpiso's Philosophy for more information on why belief in Zombie God or the Force is just like schizophrenia since the guy backs up what he says with FACTS!
Project Orion II

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