Sirius Sagan

Sirius Sagan
A shirtless male character of mine who has big breasts.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orion McSagan

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and this post is on a heroic character who is a Sirius Sando Slayer named Orion McSagan who has problems with Mr. FTL.  Orion works as a Colo Protection Guard and the boss at the Ionian Colo Claw Fish Housing Vault Complex which is a complex of bridge and pier like concrete and steel structures that extend from the beach to blocks facing the open ocean.  The large automated hatches face the open ocean as to allow the Colo Claw Fish living there to be in the wild when they leave home.  Those Colo Tenants do return to their vaults after they feed or do other things in the open.  When each vault is vacant, the hatch remains open until its occupant returns inside.  If the Colo Claw Occupant wants out, the hatch will open unless there is danger outside and has a red and green light indicator to let the Colo Claw know whether or nit it is safe to go outside.  Green means its safe and the hatch opens and red means there's danger and the hatch remains shut until the danger passes and the Colo Claw Eels understand this plus it is a simple visual cue.  There are repellent fields made of of lots and lots of lime juices and the hatches send out electroshock to any Sando Aqua Monsters who try to pry them open.  He is the only Sirius Sando Slayer at that vault complex who has three dark blue belt stars on his light blue pants, which is only supposed to be worn by the head of the vaults.  Orion; like his comrades, has bonds with all of the Colo Claw Residents at the complex.  But there are two Colo Claw Fish in particular whom Orion is fond of, Kyle Colo and Sim Colo Claw.

Orion McSagan Profile:

Occupation: Colo Claw Fish Protector

Birthday: December 20

Height: 190 centimeters

Weight: 90 kilograms

Skin Color: Beige

Personality: bold, dashing, daring, strict, exhibitionist, rational, intelligent

Likes: Project Orion II, hard science fiction, astronomy, physics, female breasts, reason,

Dislikes: Sando Aqua Monsters, FTL-clad science fiction, crackpots, handwavium, Godzilla, logical fallacies,

Allies: Kyle Colo, Sim Colo Claw, Altair Eagle Man, Cloverfield, Project Orion II

Enemies: Mr. FTL, Sabirius ChaKhan, Samantha Sando, Cranky Crabby

Sirius Sando Slayer Orion McSagan

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