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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Orion II Versus World Devastator

The World Devastators appear in the first Star Wars Dark Empire graphic novel and in the last mission of a Star Wars video game called Rogue Squadron.  They are much more lethal, powerful, and unstoppable than the Drej Mothership.  Project Orion II foils the Drej plot to destroy Earth in a counter story to Titan AE by launching an antimatter bomb and planting it in the heart of the Alahenena before detonating it.  The Drej Plant Buster was only visible though the telescopes.  Don't you DARE tell me that Project Orion II cannot stop the Drej from destroying Planet Earth because I have ZERO TOLERANCE for such offensive remarks.

Now onto the topic of this post, a hypothetical encounter between Project Orion II and World Devastators.  Unlike the Drej Ship, the World Devastators attack and ravage planets in the atmospheres of their target planets.  Plus the World Devastators have shields, a master control system, and more formidable defenses that the Drej Hive Ship would ever had.  The reason for this post is because of my not speaking up in January 1999 when I saw images of World Devastators as they appeared in Rogue Squadron in a video game magazine after I got that game that I did not want form Christmas on Christmas 1998.  I am doing this to make the right decision to solve this turmoil that started 53 days before the 164-month Orion Crisis started.  An Orion II Starship is 209 meters long and 62 meters wide while the World Devastators are massive despite varying in size from the Inquisitor-4 which is 1700 meters long and 900 meters high to the great command Devastator Silencer-7 which is 3200 meters long and 1500 meters tall.  These Devastators are meaner and more formidable than the much larger 7620 meter Drej Ship which is a piece of cake to take out using an armed Orion II with antimatter weapons.  The Devastators on the other hand are a chilling challenge to take down using Orion II Spacecraft.

This will help me make a decision on where to go when I exit this Rogue Squadron-related turmoil on my upcoming birthday.

After deliberation on how if I try to enjoy Star Wars, I would have a life with parallels to Moby Dick in which I am a Captain Ahab and the Sando Aqua Monster is my whale.  In another words, I will have to avoid Star Wars for the rest of my life and walk away from that franchise if the Sando Aqua Monster's behavior with Colo Claw Fish bothers em to the hilt, especially since it was portrayed in a positive light.  And I most certainly did not have any Star Wars Fish in mind at the time this all started for obvious reasons including the time it happened, but I must now update to have such fish in mind so I can make the best decision for myself to heal.  So I will walk away from the Star Wars franchise due to that change that offends me and just not watch Star Wars for the rest of my life.

Project Orion II
World Devastator

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