Sirius Sagan

Sirius Sagan
A shirtless male character of mine who has big breasts.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sirius Sando Slayers: 161st Anniversary of MOBY DICK

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and this post will be on the shirtless dog men with big female breasts known as Sirius Sando Slayers.  As you might have guessed, they actually slay Sando Aqua Monsters and are very good at it.  They use lots of lime to repel Sando Aqua Monsters in order to protect Colo Claw Fish and only slay Sando Aqua Monsters when they go after Colo Claw Fish and as a last resort if all else fails.  I loathe sando Aqua Monsters and the image below shows you why.

Why the Sando Aqua Monster is my whale.
As you can see, the sadistic Sando Aqua Monster tortured and slaughtered the poor Colo Claw Fish.  That is a comic format of an actual scene in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (TPM) which is my only nitpick in the film, especially since it portrayed the cruelty towards Colo Claw Fish in a positive light as saving the two Jedi and Jar Jar in the Bongo.  I still recognise Quin-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar as good protagonist despite being saved by the Sando's criminal behavior in that one brief scene since it says nothing about those characters as a whole.  I solely vent my anger on the sando Aqua Monster herself.  And there are some Moby Dick parallels brewing here because the sando by maiming the Colo Claw Fish has become my WHALE and has turned me into a CAPTAIN AHAB!  And speaking of Moby Dick, it is the 161st Anniversary of the publication of Moby Dick by Hermon Melville.
Sirius Sando Slayers guard man-made Colo Claw Fish housing vaults and are on constant readiness for any marauding Sando Aqua Monsters who come to the vaults.  They have repellent fields with lots of lime since lime is usually an effective Sando Aqua Monster repellent.  Plus the hatches only closed when Colo Claw Fish are inside and open if he Colo Claw Fish wants out and if the coast if clear.  There are indicators to let the Colo Claw Fish know whether or not it is safe to go outside their vaults in the form of red and green lights.  Green means it is safe and the hatch opens as the Colo Claw Fish approaches to go outside and will remain shut and have a red light on if any Sando Aqua Monsters are near.  The vault hatches are automated to let any Colo Claw Fish inside go out unless there is danger nearby and remain open as long as they are vacant.  Plus there is electroshock devices to electrocute any Sando Aqua Monsters who try to pry the hatches off when they are closed.  But if all else fails due to a determined Sando Aqua Monster who may have someone counting on them, the Sirius Sando Slayers spring into action and throw their grenade harpoons at the intruder and slay it.  The grenade in each harpoon is powerful enough to kill even the strongest or largest bull Sando Aqua Monsters.  Sirius Sando Slayers will promptly arrest anyone who issues out the threat of the Sando to any of the Colo Claw Residents of the vaults such as Fredrick Galactico Impcus (a.k.a. Mr. FTL or Faster-Than-Light-Freddie).  Mr. FTL threatened to have his Sando Aqua Monster fiend named Samantha Sando turn an educational Colo Claw Fish named Syle Colo into milk because Syle Colo gave Mr. FTL's pseudo-documentary called Theoretical Tyranny: No FTL Allowed a scathing review and tried to teach the equations that show that FTL is impossible.  A Sirius Sando Slayer killed Samantha Sando before she was able to pry the hatch open or snare up Syle Colo; therefore, saved Syle Colo's life.  For this, Mr. FTL was arrested by that same Sirius Sando Slayer and thrown in the time-out trashcan.

My line as inspired by a passage in Moby Dick:
"I'll chase the Sando Aqua Monster round Otoh Gunga, and round the abyss, and round the Aquarian Maelstrom, and round the planet core before I give her up!" 

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