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Sirius Sagan
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Orion Crisis is FINALLY Over!

Hello, this is Project Orion II's chief designer bearing some good news.  FINALLY after 164 grueling months, the Orion Crisis of Project Orion II vs the X-Wings is over.  This should have been solved in 1999 and it was not due to the fact that the people around em took away my Orion II until August 8 1999 and also took away my other space things such as Jupiter Floaters from Cosmos, which caused a long-lasting aftermath that took me many years to undo.
I have completed and finalized the bond betwixt Project Orion II and Colo Claw Fish and this means the end of the Orion Crisis.  However, I will use the remaining nine days before my 29th birthday to reflect and uncover what went wrong.  There are two certainties about the 53-day turmoil from Christmas 1998 until Fat Tuesday 1999; the indecision at the time and my not speaking up about my feelings on the World Devastators appearing in Rogue Squadron as I saw in a video game magazine.  I will be careful in making a decision on how to proceed when this whole problem ends on my next birthday nine days after I write this post.  I must also be mindful of my feelings against Sando Aqua Monsters and my sympathy for Colo Claw Fish and let that be a deciding factor even though I did not have that in mind for obvious reasons back in those aforementioned 53 days for instance.  I am excited about this.  Project Orion II will hand the torch over to my newest interstellar brainchild called Project Sagittarius in dealing with my fears about Star Wars.

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