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Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Orion II's FINAL Word on StarDestroyer.Net, But...

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer here and I have refuted four lame "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" in my "StarDestroyer.Net Lies" series.  Let me tell you why I care so deeply about StarDestroyer.Net.  StarDestroyer.Net has many followers who support its horrible objectives and this is cause for concern.  If it were just one or a few or some fringe group of Star Wars fans, I would not still be compelled to hate Star Wars, but it is a fan movement like what is demonstrated by StarDestroyer.Net.

DISCLAIMER: I have no problem if Michael Wong likes Star Wars or does not like Star Trek.  Wong, you are perfectly entitled to like Star Wars and to dislike Star Trek all you want.  Other people liking Star Wars and disliking Star Trek is not at all why I wrote the series of posts on StarDestroyer.Net, it is because that website crosses the line by attacking Star Trek fans, spreading misinformation, and opens the doors to smear campaign attacks against hard sci-fi and perhaps realistic interstellar concepts such as Project Orion II by bad apple Star Wars fans.

"There is a DIFFERENCE between having an opinion and being wrong on something!" - SavageBroadcast

My beef with StarDestroyer.Net is that they think that they are better than anybody else and that they know it all as well as severely dragging some of my space heroes through the mud just to make themselves feel superior.  Wong's essays are patently biased, patently false, and he responds with apologetics to criticism.  I will have another post regarding StarDestroyer.Net when Idazmi7 is finally to re-install his Sony Vegas and to upload the videos in which he refutes the racism and communism garbage touted by Wong with links to those videos.

I am a fan of the Atomic Rockets website which Winchell Chung wrote, but there is a sad truth that can be found on the Respecting Science page in which he says that Michael Wong's essays about Star Trek on StarDestroyer.Net are excellent.  Star Trek is not hard science fiction, but neither is Star Wars and Chung also rightfully states that Star Wars is a scientifically illiterate space epic.  Chung, do not let Wong deceive you since he is not a fan of realistic science fiction, he unlike you wants to shove Star Wars down other people's throats.  Three of the four "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" that I rebutted are a grave danger to hard sci-fi.  I honestly think that it is not Chung's fault and that instead Wong bamboozled him.  Atomic Rockets is a remedy to the handwavium problem while StarDestroyer.Net on the other hand is a serious problem.

In conclusion, StarDestroyer.Net is a mixture of cow jizz and rhinoceros diarrhea that is puking on, masturbating on, and shitting on Star Trek, hard science fiction, and possibly realistic starships such as Project Orion II.  Michael Wong is a DIPSHIT, nincompoop, retard, fool, imbecile, crackpot, etc.

Wong's "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" are just like Confused Matthew's BRAINDEAD review of The Lion King and that is a FACT of life.

Do not go to StarDestroyer.Net and if you follow that pernicious website and are reading this, you must leave that website to send a message to Wong that what he is doing is wrong.

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