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Thursday, October 11, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode IV: Racism

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer here to refute yet another one of those irritating "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays".  The topic is the one that I saved for last; that's right, I will be ripping apart Racism in Star Wars and Star Trek which I saved for last.  There is so much wrong with that essay such as nitpicking, missing the points, jumping to conclusions, appeal to pity (argumentum ad misercordiam), and outright lies.

Michael Wong is upset with how some people accuse Jar Jar Binks of being a racial stereotype and those who accuse George Lucas of promoting racism, yet this guy has the audacity to accuse Star Trek of promoting racism despite the obvious fact that Gene Roddenberry hated racism.  There are terms for that Wong, it is called hypocrisy or a double standard.  He then accuses Star Trek: Insurrection of promoting white supremacy when that movie was very anti-racist as can be proven in some of the bonus features or extras of a Star Trek: Insurrection Collectors Edition DVD or Blu-Ray.  Gene Roddenberry's son appeared in some of the bonus materials saying how the racism was shown in the film a lot as to tackle and discredit it.  The Ba'ku and the Son'a are the same species since their DNA is identical which is an important line in the movie.  But there is worse, Wong thinks that relocating the 600 Ba'ku to satisfy the demands of billions is okay when in history such forceful relocation of small groups ot satisfy the demands of larger groups only caused problems.

Then Wong brings up how he was once bullied for wanting to have an interracial relationship and used that as a lame excuse to accuse Star Trek of promoting racism, Wong is oriental.  People like Nicholle Nichols who played Nyota Uhura were subjected to racist treatment and hated racism, but they loved Star Trek.   He thinks that Star Trek promotes racism in spades based on many various nitpicks ranging form how the Ferengi were portrayed as greedy capitalists to how the Klingons were portrayed as a whole.  He was only looking at one or a few facets of each and not the whole pictures.

Then he uses the bad science of Vulcans, Klingons and humans interpreting to try to prove that they are the same species.  If two organisms can interbreed, then they are the same species and that is a fact.  However, Vulcans, Klingons, and humans originate on three separate planets so there is no way that they could possibly be the same species.  And the real explanation is that Vulcans and humans interbreeding is bad science and unrealistic for obvious reasons.  This was an argument from personal incredulity that you pulled Mr Wong.  The Federation is not a humans on top entity, especially since members of starfleet can be aliens such as Vulcans, Klingons, and Bolians.  Even the UFP presidents are often not human such as Jaresh Inyo from two back to back DS9 episodes who was a Grazerite.  This brings up an attempted coup by a renegade Admiral Leyton that Wong totally missed the point of.  Leyton was an antagonist who used the Dominion Wars emergency in an attempt to advance himself to power and Sisko foiled his coup.

This is scary since it will open the door to bad apple Starwoids accusing non-Star Trek things that they dislike such as Avatar of promoting homophobia or even racism.  Here is one thing that although has no mention of Star Wars, is a cause for concern because Bad Apple Starwoids might do it later on in an effort to force others to like Star Wars.  Plus there is this SICK BLOG and this offends me since these sick fucks are accusing my all-time favorite move of being homophobic and I HATE homophobia.  Michael Wong, if any bad apple Starwoids join in on saying that Avatar promotes heterosexism just to say that Star Wars is better for LGBT equality, then I will hold you personally responsible since you are the one who opens to door to such slander.  Plus a Star Wars fundementalist known as Radith87 made a sick How Avatar Should Have Ended video and an evil REDUX.  Such essays and videos will do Star Wars fans more harm than good in converting people to enjoying Star Wars and are reasons why I LOATHE Star Wars with a PURPLE PASSION.  So congratulations Wong and Radith87, you are hurting your won cause!  And those two anti-Avatar videos are proof positive of how StarDestroyer.Net opens the door to trashing hard sci-fi in the name of Star Wars.

And back on the topic of communism and the lack of personal spacecraft, I fear that this will be used as a basis to attack realistic sci-fi with interstellar travel as well as Project Orion II since such starships are controlled by a cooperation of different groups and entities.  So I will have my final word on this dipshit and his fan boy website in the next post.

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