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Monday, October 8, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode I: Engineering

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and I am highly offended by Michael Wong and his StarDestroyer.Net.  However, I will not dissect all of the garbage on StarDestroyer.Net since there is way too much for me or any one person to tackle on their own thanks to the enormous size of the Wong Library.  I will be only dissecting four of Wong's "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" which are the ones that I am particularly offended by.  I will have four posts that refute Wong, one per offensive essay.  In this one as you should know by the title, I will be shooting down his SW V ST Essay on Engineering.  This guy claims that Star Trek is a huge insult to science and engineering which despite Star Trek's share of flaws, is fundamentally mistaken for a variety of reasons.

First of all, since its inception, Star Trek has had a special relationship with the space program and has inspired many of its fans to become scientists, astronauts, and aerospace engineers.  Star Trek as also fueled the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and SETI at home owes its existence to Star Trek.  Some of the things in Star Trek have already become reality such as cell phones, automatic doors, Internet everywhere, etc.  Michael Wong is willfully blind to all of these facts and the evidence to back them up which proves how much of a biased prick he really is.  There is a bonus feature on the extras on a Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Blu-Ray called Star Trek Honors NASA that proves that Star Trek has ties to NASA.  The beginning of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home has a dedication to the crew of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger who lost thier lives.  There is also a Cosmic Thoughts bonus feature that first appears an a TFF Collector's Edition DVD and then on the TFF Blu-Ray which shows Star Trek's ties to astronomy and SETI.  These are official sources since they are on Star Trek DVDs and Blu-Rays!  Star Trek promotes caring for the environment as in TVH and in the Green Future? bonus feature on a TFF Collectors-edition DVD and Blu-Ray.  Lawrence Krass is a great scientists and he tries to back up what he says , and he knows that Star Trek is more realistic than Star Wars, and don't get me started on appeal to authority (argumentum ad verecundiam) Mr. Wong.  In fact Wong, your use of fan sources such as Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections and Wookiepedia to justify your conclusions are two examples of your frequent use of appeal to authority.  The Star Was ICS books are not at all part of canon!  Face it, Star Trek has inspired a lot more science and engineering that Star Wars ever would and that too is a FACT!  Many people in the space sciences are fans of Star Trek and they would be very upset if they read that SW V ST Essay on Engineering.  I did not even had to read his entire Engineering essay; just parts of it, since I already knew in advance from the premise of it that it was fundamentally incorrect.  Wong, don't you DARE tell me that Star Wars is more realistic than Star Trek because the opposite has been proven to be true.

And one thing that truly worries me about these essays is that they will open the door to pro-Star Wars smear campaigns against certain non-Star Trek space things, particularly other science fiction that I love such as James Cameron's Avatar.  There are already bad apple Star Wars fans attacking Avatar just for overtaking Star Wars in the box office such as a YouTube terrorist named Radith87 who had a video called How Avatar Should Have Ended which features the Death Star destroying Pandora.  Plus this bad apple Starwoid made an extended REDUX.  People like Radtih87 and Michael Wong want to shove Star Wars down everybody else's throats by either blowing up non-Star Wars space things that they don't like for making certain non-Star Wars space heroes look like the bad guy.  And this IMPACTS my life and that is why I worry about this.  I have three more posts to do on StarDestroyer.Net which are on those other three essays that have always bothered me.

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