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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode II: Philosophy

Previously in my StarDestroyer.Net Lies series, I covered the topic of science and engineering, now I will talk about philosophy.  The idiotic essay that I will be refuting is called The Philosophy of Star Trek.  Some of this is ironic, while there is nitpicking and logical fallacies such as the slippery slope.

First off, Mike Wong accuses Star Trek of just promoting materialism and socialism.  The materialism part is partly invalidated because in the UFP people are not obsessed with owning as much as possible.  Secondly for someone who is an ardent atheist like I am , he complains about there being no religion in the Federation and the UFP being all atheistic.  NEWSFLASH Wong, Religion is by far responsible for the most atrocities and violence throughout human history!  The crimes on Religion's historical rap sheet include the collapse of classical civilization, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, witch hunts and burnings, the genocide of the native Americans, slavery, racism, sexism, suppressing science, ANTI-REALITY fervor, homophobia, effemiphobia, willful ignorance, the Holocaust, terrorism, September 11th, hate crimes, etc.  Religion is dangerous.  The Federation is not a socialist regime you moron!

Then he has a slippery slope about the said "Problems" with Star Trek and the Federation and in the end of that camel's nose fallacy threatens that if he were transported to a future in which the UFP ruled Earth that he would either join the Maquis or an underground church and that he would refuse to submit himself to Federation rules.

Then he thinks that Star Trek says that we must never question technology despite the fact that the Borg are arch villains in the TNG-era Star Trek.

Then he complains about the Prime Directive of non-interference when it is a good idea since one should treat others the way that they want to be treated.  he compares the PD to Americans who feel that the Constitution is more important than morality and this suggests that he feels that it is okay for a tyrannical majority to vote in disgust on the rights of a minority that they dislike such as LGBT people.  He also feels that the TNG-era Klingons are modeled after modern-day America and tyranny of the majority taking away the rights of disliked minorities.  Blast Michael Wong, you are insane!

I have two more of those lousy Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays to rebut before I have a final word on StarDestroyer.Net post.  However, I will have a post on any future videos that Idazmi7 makes refuting the racism and communism garbage when he is finally able to upload them after my final word so readers of my blog can see.  Is is abundantly clear that Michael Wong wants to foist Star Wars onto people who don't like Star Wars by making them feel bad.

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