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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The StarDestroyer.Net Menace

As Project Orion II's Chief Designer, it is my duty to warn you about a pernicious Star Wars fan website known as StarDestroyer.Net.  Michael Wong set up StarDestroyer.Net as a smear campaign against Star Trek.  Sadly the head of Atomic Rockets as good as his site is thought that Wong's essays on Star Trek were excellent but they were not and let me explain.  First of all, all of those "Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essays" are biased against Star Trek and totally biased in favor of a more unrealistic space genre universe, Star Wars.  There was no favor for any hard sci-fi whatsoever plus this will if left unchallenged open the door to pro-Star Wars smear campaigns against certain non-Star Trek science fiction such as James Cameron's Avatar, there are already Star Wars fan boys who attack Avatar for overtaking Star Wars in the box office.  Atomic Rockets is unsympathetic towards any scientifically illiterate sci-fi universe, and so am I.  But there are three such SW V ST essays that outright accuse Star Trek of promoting racism and communism and being oppressive.  I fear that this will open the door to saying that certain non-Star Trek things are bad in Star Wars' name such as the possibility that some Star Wars fans will accuse Avatar of promoting homophobia or INSULT Project Orion II in such an adverse way.  I saw a blog accusing Avatar of being anti-gay just because it had no gay characters in it and I fear that Mike Wong's ilk of Star Wars fans might pick up on that.  Here are the asinine links:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Although Atomic Rockets is a solution to problems such as handwavium, StarDestroyer.Net is a serious problem!  Plus StarDestroyer.Net is totally responsible for the coining of an anti-Star Trek epithet "Trektard" and there is an "English to Trektard Dictionary".  I am not joking, StarDestroyer.Net has got to go!  Winchell Chung of Atomic rockets was not sympathetic towards that Star Trek fan boy who wanted warp drive to become a reality and yes Star Trek has plenty of handwavium such as Vulcans and Humans interbreeding, macroviruses, the Genesis Device, etc.  However, there is no excuse for StarDestroyer.Net, those three essays that I linked, or the coining of the phrase "Trektard".  Face it, Star Wars is much more scientifically illiterate than Star Trek such as magical hyperdrive, aquatic planet cores, etc.  Atomic Rockets is very helpful, but it is sad that they think that those essays on StarDestroyer.Net are good because StarDestroyer.Net; unlike Atomic Rockets, is a dreadful menace.  That is because Atomic Rockets promotes hard sci-fi while StarDestroyer.Net is a smear campaign in favor of Mike Wong's favorite scientifically illiterate space opera universe.  Winchell Chung knows that space fighters do not make sense and that there is no stealth in space and he will certainly not have any sympathy for anyone who wants to bring the Star Wars universe to fruition for obvious reasons.  I still do strongly recommend Atomic Rockets and hope that Winchell Chung will see the TRUTH about StarDestroyer.Net.  I will also be using this blog to fight StarDestroyer.Net.  DEATH to StarDestroyer.Net, long live Project Orion II Interstellar!

Also, check out this guy, Idazmi7 who has made plenty of videos refuting the erroneous cliams by StarDestroyer.Net.
Orion Solidary Says: "StarDestroyer.Net has got to go bye-bye!"
Although Star Trek has its ample share of handwavium, it also tries its hardest to be true to physics and has inspired may scientists and aerospace engineers.  Star Trek also has ties to the space program and to SETI.  And all of this is a FACT.  The same cannot be said for Star Wars.  The warp drive is now a theoretical physics concept worked out by Miguel Alcuibirre and others and is a non-handwavium alternative to FTL.  Good News Chung, FTL is no longer an excusable violation since 1966 when Star Trek started.  That is because the warp drive is based on physics principles of warped space.  But Warp drive would require negative energy equal to Jupiter and a greater understanding of dark energy than we have today. And here is an image of a realistic warp-powered starship:
A Warpship: A Model for a realistic Starship Enterprise
Winchell Chung may have not been supportive of the Warp Drive at first, but on his FTL-related page, he mentioned it as a semi-plausible shortcut which is fine since it has not yet been demonstrated yet, just an exciting suggestion.  There is also another non-handwavium alternative to FTL that also appears in Star Trek but also appears in Star Gate and Carl Sagan's Contact known as a wormhole.  I am seriously considering using the warpship as a Colo Claw Fish Transport.  Wormholes are also on the table for transporting Colo Claw Fish through deep space too.  I was lucky to have had a bond with Star Trek since I was 8 as the first space series that would be my favorite since it tried hard to be believable.  And Star Trek actually helped with the Warp Theory in physics.  Hyperdrive from Star Wars is just pure handwavium humbug along with FTL jumps and slipspace drive and NASA should not even try to develop Hyperdrive, just do realistic modes of interstellar travel such s Project Orion II of course.  Go right ahead wishful thinking Star Wars fans and call me a nay sayer all you want because I will remain rooted in reality regardless.

StarDestroyer.Net is a mixture of cow jizz and rhinoceros diarrhea that is puking on, masturbating on, and shitting on Star Trek and possibly on hard sci-fi such as Avatar as well.  Michael Wong is a DIPSHIT!  I may sound harsh in my language, but this is how I honestly feel about Wong and his Wong and his website will only contribute negativity.


  1. Lol.

    You realize you really didn't actually counter his points other than "muh bias" in any realistic way right?

    I mean, he is bias, but in no way was his site a smear campaign.

    1. But Warp drive would require negative energy equal to Jupiter and a greater understanding of dark energy than we have today. And here is an image of a realistic warp-powered starship:"

      Your point on Chung is kinda weird since legitimately Wong actually mentions this to begin with. He also doesn't claim that the FTL of Star Wars is better or more rooted in reality. All he does is claim that Star Trek has just as many, if not more, fantastical elements compared Star Wars (which is outdated nowadays but more or less not untrue).