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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

StarDestroyer.Net Lies Episode III: Economics

This is the third post on the most upsetting work on StarDestroyer.Net on this rational blog.  In this post, I will refute The Economics Of Star Trek and explain why it is wrong and show other sources that shoot it down.  This essay is all about how Mr. Wong believes that Star Trek promotes communism and that the United Federation of Planets is a communist regime.

First of all, he believes that the TOS-era Star Trek was a free market and that radical left-wing activists took over government agenda between the TOS and TNG eras.  This is an argument from personal incredulity in which Wong used no other evidence except for his own belief.  I am very left-wing myself in my politics, so I find this extremely offensive what he says.

He thinks that the TNG Federation abolishes property rights despite the fact that the Picards owned a Vineyard and that Joesph Sisko owned a New Orleans Restaurant.  He responds me moving the goalposts on his opponents by saying how citizens of the Soviet Union "owned" certain property.  I too try to live a spartan lifestyle which he detests.  This guy thinks that it was bad to not have Wall Street.  NEWSFLASH Mike Wong, Wall Street is hurting the 99% and is anti-democratic and pro-big business, is that what you want?!  Wong sets up a pathetic straw man fallacy claiming that Star Trek fans think of the Federation as a free market when even in TOS Era as proven in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, they do not use money in the 21st Century.  Free market thrives on the existence of money, and so does communism.  Except in communism all the money is horded by the state.  Not having money is called a resource-based economy, and that is NOT communism.  The Federation is based on a resource-based economy.  The founding fathers of America wrote the Constitution with no mention of "free market" or "capitalism" and said that one person equals one vote.  Capitalism is anti-democratic in that it states that one dollar equals one vote.  Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Wong!  Wong like many right-wing crackpots thinks that money having no meaning is communism which is a warped definition of communism indeed.

He overreacts to there being no personal starships or cars etc in the Federation and all spacecraft being owned by the government.  This does not prove jack because the Federation is still a democratic entity that elects its leaders.  That was nitpicking indeed.  Plus he is being unrealistic relying on FTL-wishful thinking as far as the starships go since realistic interstellar travel will not have FTL due to Einstein's Special Relativity.

Despite being anrdant atheist, he complains about the lack of religion in the Federation.  I have covered what is wrong with that complaint in my previous post.

This guy wants yo to accept that the Federation is a communist regime and will take you for an IDIOT  if you disagree.  He is lying to say that there is no evidence to prove him wrong, that is all because his arguments are all based on massive nitpicking and not looking at the whole picture.  I HATE YOU Michael Wong!  Wong, you are just like Confused Matthew when he reviewed The Lion King, and that is a FACT of life!

Here is proof as to why he is wrong; which like Idazmi7 on YouTube, can shoot him down better than I can.  There is a logical The Unofficial Economics of Star Trek essay by a Participatory economics movement and there are Author's Notes there too.  The Federation (including the TNG-era) has innovation, which communism inhibits innovation.  Wong is also trashing Gene Roddenberry and accusing him of being a Marxist when he was not all because he does not like him.  I have one more essay to dissect before I have my final word on this dipshit and his anti-Star Trek propaganda website.

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