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Sirius Sagan
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I fear Star Wars

Hello, this is Project Orion II's Chief Designer and in this post I will give an updated view on why I am fearful around Star Wars.  It is quite strange since I am not fearful of Lucasfilm even though I am uncomfortable with some of the Star Wars protagonists.  I am so fearful that Star Wars will at best make me feel excluded and at worst treat me as a bad guy via its most loyal fans.  There is sadly some truth to it since there is this infamous website known as StarDestroyer.Net that I have discussed in previous posts and a Star Wars Super Pac on Twitter that I have also discussed which both seek to vilify Star Trek and its fans.  I am a very inclusive person and I tried to be inclusive about Star Wars such as an attempt that I made in latter 1998, but people like Michael Wong are not letting me by their attacking what I happen to like in the name of Star Wars.  Furthermore, there are people like a Radith87 on YouTube who want to punish my favorite movie Avatar for overtaking Star Wars who believe that Avatar must die just so Star Wars can be no. 1.  Due to anti-Star Trek smear campaigns such as and a Star Wars fanboy-driven war on Avatar, I hate Star Wars at least TWICE as much as I did in the late 1990s.  I feel very insecure when it comes to Star Wars, but I try not to be biased against it.  Super Godzilla 12 and Confused Matthew are extremely insecure about The Lion King and that is a proven FACT and they are very closed-minded against that film because of it.  You don't need censorship to be ultra insecure or closed-minded since SG12 tries to be for Freedom of Speech unlike Michael Wong who instantly bans defenders of Star Trek from his website.  And StarDestroyer.Net's acts of Star Wars uber alles censorship makes me loathe Star Wars more than ever before.

ATTENTION ALL BAD APPLE STAR WARS FANS, BY DOING SMEAR ATTACKS AGAINST STAR TREK, AVATAR, AND EVEN PROJECT ORION II, YOU ARE ONLY HURTING YOUR OWN CAUSE!  Such behavior will do these rotten Star Wars fanboys much more harm than good.  Wong, your ilk has probably pushed me passed the tipping point of no return to handling Star Wars!
Star Wars Saturation
This is my salute to Star Wars fanboys who want to foist Star Wars onto people like me and treat my space heroes as villains in any way, shape, or form!  I will never convert to Star Wars no matter what happens!  The 1998 song release Believe by Cher sums up the mood of my breakup with Star Wars beautifully since I must also believe in myself.  Believe me, I tried to enjoy and/or be inclusive about Star Wars many times in my life and it only ended in disaster sooner or later each time.
Although I am getting Star Wars out of my life, I am still taking Colo Claw Fish under my wing as I have promised.  Thanks the the discovery of Alpha Centauri Bb, I hope that there are Earthlike planets in the Habitable Zone around either Alpha Centauri A and/or B more than I ever did before.  I hoped that there are Earthlike planets at Alpha Centauri before this recent discovery and hope that there are real Colo Claw Fish living in that nearby star system only 4.37 light-years away.
Alpha Centauri Bb
This is my game plan with regards to Star Wars since I have had it and have totally given up on that space epic.  It is most likely that sooner or later Star Wars will back stab me for my protectiveness towards Colo Claw Fish if I try to be inclusive about it again from what I observed with regards to how Star Wars depicts those eels.  That is all the more reason and a Lucasfilm-related reason for me to avoid Star Wars.

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