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Sirius Sagan
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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hello, this is Project Orion II's chief designer and I was attacked by Jordan Zinser for saying that Avatar is better than Titan AE and I blocked him for his childish revenge comment of hating me for liking Avatar instead of Titan AE.  I removed his comment.  Jordan Zinser, you hate Avatar because you accuse James Cameron of being a hack, so who is missing the point now.  That's right Jordan Zinser, you are missing the point of Avatar because you are ignorant of its good environmental and anti-imperialistic messages.  The "cartoon card" is worthless and is no excuse for Titan AE's handwavium central story.  I already get the points of Titan AE such as hope and second chances, and that is one reason I am offended when you tell me that I am missing the point.  Another reasons is that it has a spaceship destroy Earth for stupid reasons and don't you DARE tell me that I am missing the point when I oppose that totally pointless premise or I will block you and remove your comment like I did Jordan Zinser.  I am a very protective person.  I will not block or remove constructive criticism, but that was not the case with Jordan Zinser since he was being childish and insulting me and his comment was very immature.

The Imperiator insulted me on my I HATE Sando Aqua Monster Blog and I tried to block him but there was no block thing, why, I want his BLOCKED, so I removed his comment anyway.  The Imperiator, don't comment on any of my blogs because if I can find a means of blocking you like the one I found to block Jordan Zinser, I will block you and I hope I can block you.

There is one more that I have to discuss and from the I HATE Sando Aqua Monsters Club blog.  This guy is a Star Wars wanker is known as Kerrus who thinks that just because the Sando Aqua Monster is a Jedi master that it means that he will defect the Cloverfield monster which is all a LIE!  I did not block him yet, but if he keeps insisting that the Sando wins against Cloverfield, I will keep removing his comments.  But the problem is that I get redirected to some AOL group instead of his blogger profile so I cannot block him, but I can remove his comments.

So here is a warning that I will block people and remove comments that insult me or insult anything that I care about.  If you insult Project Orion II or try to foist Star Wars onto me in any way, shape, or form, I will instantly block you and remove your comment.

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